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Best of 2021 from Puch near Salzburg

by Barbara / 30. Dezember 2021 / Excursions / Event / Nature

Jahresr├╝ckblick PUCH 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

The year 2021: the most beautiful pictures & memories from Puch near Salzburg

New Year"s Eve is just around the corner, the perfect time to look back over the year. Despite the challenging pandemic situation, several lockdowns, reopenings and restrictions in Austria, we were able to celebrate numerous beautiful parties in Puch near Salzburg, experience wonderful moments with our loved ones and spend a wonderful time in nature in the Salzburgerland.

Stadt Salzburg im Herbst ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

I have made some videos and pictures from my excursions in Puch and the surrounding area, such as my visit to the city of Salzburg, which you can find especially on Instagram at @visitpuch: Today I will show you my highlights from the year 2021 every month. Let"s go!

January 2021 in PUCH - a winter dream!

The year began as 2020 had ended - with a lockdown in Austria. Unfortunately, there were many restrictions and in addition to the closed businesses, the Three Kings in the parishes of Puch and St. Jakob could not move from house to house. Nice walks through the magical winter landscape were possible and gave me unique winter photos of Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Hinterwiestal and Urstein.

Jahresr├╝ckblick PUCH J├Ąnner ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

February 2021 - Puch wakes up from hibernation!

It is not easy for fools in 2021 either and so we had to do without carnival balls, parades and the popular children"s carnival in February. On Valentine"s Day, Pucher Gastro pampered you with culinary delights at home and the landscape in Puch woke up briefly from its hibernation! The first snowdrops were picked and the catkins brought anticipation for Easter.

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch bei Salzburg Februar ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

March 2021 in pictures - spring meets winter!

After the warm temperatures in February, the winter collapse in Salzburg followed again. In mid-March the weather just couldn"t decide and the snowfall alternated with the spring-like temperatures. On March 18th it snowed down to the village and there was a magical Puch panorama in winter dress, as you can see here in the three Instagram pictures from March.

M├Ąrz @visitpuch Instagram ┬ę TVB Puch

You can see a video of the onset of winter from March 20, 2021 in Puch in this Reel-Video on Instagram!

At the end of March the temperatures became warmer again and Pam"s Sunday was celebrated outdoors in Puch and St. Jakob am Thurn by far.

M├Ąrz in Puch ┬ę TVB Puch - GERBER

April 2021 - Easter in SalzburgerLand

One week after the Pucher palm donkey was carried to the procession by the D`Puachstoana traditional costume association on Palm Sunday, Easter took place on April 4th. The wonderful weather at the beginning of April invited to a stroll through Puch to the awakening of spring. Only days later and no, it wasn"t an April Fool"s joke, Puch was back to a winter landscape as it is in the book.

Winter auf der Sch├Ânalm in Puch ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

And until mid-April it was called "April, he does what he wants" and the snowfall alternated with warm spring days almost every day. The last winter picture on Instagram was on April 15th, after which spring could finally prevail!

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - April 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

May 2021 - spring kisses summer

May was warm and sunny, and on Mother"s Day you would puddle your mother with a wonderful bouquet of flowers or get a gift for your mother from Blumenwerk Helga. On a bike tour along the Salzach via the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences up to St. Jakob, I was able to take colorful pictures of the colorful flower meadows and green forests. In addition to the castle tower and Urstein Castle with the Alte Meierei, I finally took photos of Puchstein Castle, which is hidden in the middle of the village in the second row.

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - Mai 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

GREETING GOD IN PUCH! On May 19th the time had come and, to everyone"s delight, the accommodations and catering establishments in Austria were able to reopen!

Gr├╝├č Gott in Puch bei Salzburg ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

June 2021 - Summer is coming!

The elder blossoms are ripe for picking and the roses at the Roman milestone at the parish church of Puch are blooming magnificently - it"s June in Puch and you can smell the dried hay in the fields and celebrate "Prangerag" in Puch and St. Jakob am Thurn.

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - Juni 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber & Kuscheiart

One-off recordings were made in June early in the morning at sunrise in Urstein with Michael Kuschei. Enjoy the video and the fantastic views of Puch, the city of Salzburg and the Untersberg.

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In June I was drawn to the Salzburg city mountains with my camera and I was able to take wonderful pictures of the city of Salzburg and especially of the Hohensalzburg Fortress. You can find more pictures from my tour at: Excursion tip - Discover Salzburg"s city mountains!

Salzburger Stadberge ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

July 2021 - Celebrate festivals as they happen!

Several events are held annually in Puch in July. On July 4th, the Pucher Puch & Motorbike Meeting took place in wonderful weather, where motorbike fans exchanged interesting conversations. A video of the Puch-Meeting can be seen on Instagram. At the end of July, people met at the Kirchenwirt for a folklore evening with the traditional costume club D"Puachstoana and for a twilight drink with the Puch band in the guest garden. In between, the Jakobikirtag was traditionally celebrated in St. Jakob am Thurn on the last Sunday in July, unfortunately again without a marquee and historical rifle dance but with a festive mass with a procession through St. Jakob am Thurn in bright sunshine!

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - Juli 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

On hot summer days, as was the case in July, cooling off in the nearby Hallein outdoor pool is very refreshing. Read more about my bathing tip here and watch the Video on Instagram!

Freibad Hallein ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

August 2021 - summer, sun, herbs & football!

After a long football break, the first home game of the new Salzburg League from FC Puch took place on August 14th in the Waldstadtion next to the leisure facility. The music band Puch opened the festival and the volunteer fire brigade provided the bouncy castle and the speed shooting for cooling down when spraying the target with the fire hose. One day later, traditionally on Assumption Day on August 15th, herb bushes were consecrated at the festive masses in the churches. You can read more about the herb consecration in the instagram-post.

Waldstadion ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - August 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

The summer was hot, fantastically beautiful and the beautiful days were used for outdoor excursions. Here you can find recordings from my visit to the Salzburg Zoo and a video of the animals on Instagram.

Zoo Salzburg ┬ęTVB Puch - Gerber

September 2021 - Off to the hiking autumn!

The leaves are slowly turning colorful and autumn begins to shine in all colors. The colorful leaves form the perfect frame for the autumn pictures from Puch. Traditionally, theMusikkapelle Puch moves through the town on the first weekend in September and plays at the "Brass Music Day" to collect donations for the current year of the association. On the last Sunday in September, as every year, the harvest festival in St. Jakob am Thurn was celebrated with a festive mass in the pilgrimage church and then with a cozy morning pint at Der Sch├╝tzenwirt.

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - September 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

October 2021 - autumn time for hiking and partying!

There were wonderful autumn days last year - ideal for a hike. A walk around the pond in St. Jakob am Thurn in autumn is particularly magical, where the castle tower and the pilgrimage church with the colorful deciduous trees are reflected in the pond. You can see how magical autumn in St. Jakob is in this video.

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On the first Sunday in October, as every year, the harvest festival was celebrated in Puch and in mid-October the Pucher hunters invited to the Hubertus fair at the Sch├Ânalm in wonderful autumn weather.

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - Oktober 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

November 2021 - goose time & lantern festival!

November is the month between fantastic autumn weather and the contemplative Advent season! In culinary terms, November starts every year with a sweet All Saints" Day piece for the godchildren that tastes best from our organic Pf├Âss bakery. The colorful leaves slowly fell from the trees in mid-November and when the private lantern parade around the pond it was already mystically foggy. The organic fattened geese from Moosbauer were available around Martini at the Kirchenwirt and in the Vinisterium as oven-fresh goose. At the end of the month it was already the 1st Advent and at Blumenwerk Helga there were wonderful Advent wreaths for every taste.

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - November 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

Read more pictures and information about autumn in Puch in the article "Enjoyable hiking autumn in Puch"!

December 2021 - Advent and winter time!

December started with a white winter landscape in Puch, which unfortunately didn"t last until Christmas. Unfortunately, we had to do without the Advent market in St. Jakob and the popular events in Advent such as the Krampus run and large Christmas parties this year as well. At least Saint Nicholas was allowed to go from house to house with the Krampussen and make the children happy with a Santa Claus bag. You could also visit the nativity scenes in the parish church of Puch and in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob at the Rorate and at Christmas mass.

Jahresr├╝ckblick Puch - Dezember 2021 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

Which month did you like the most?

The time goes by so fast! And the year is over and the new year is already waiting for us! Are you winter freaks and love the snow-covered landscapes, or do you like the spring awakening in Salzburg with all its bright colors around Easter? Or are you longingly waiting for the hot summer days and enjoying the mild summer evenings? Autumn also has its advantages and, especially in the past year, has enchanted us with a fairytale Indian summer with picturesque, colorful forests.

Personally, I now like all seasons and I am especially happy when the weather is right for my photo and video recordings on my trips. When the sky is clear and the sun is shining, the pictures just get better and I can better show you the beautiful places of Puch! Last year I took thousands of pictures from Puch & the surrounding area, which you can see regularly onf Instagram at @visitpuch and here in PUCH MAGAZINE. Those of you who are not registered on Instagram can view the pictures (unfortunately no videos) in the Instagram picture gallery on our website.


In the course of our website creation in spring 2021, the PUCH MAGAZINE also started and the PUCH MAGAZINE AUTHORS wrote 2 monthly contributions with stories, tips and reports from Puch and the surrounding area. 22 articles were written for you in the past year, which should show you our beautiful place in Salzburgerland and make the holiday guest want a Puch vacation.

All PUCH MAGAZIN articles 2021 at a glance:

  1. April 8th - 5 photo spots: Salzburg Spring in Puch
  2. April 22nd - Pucher Gastro on Instagram
  3. May 6th - Top sights 15 km around Puch
  4. May 20th - spring photo tour through St. Jakob am Thurn
  5. June 3rd - Corpus Christi: We celebrate pillory day!
  6. June 17th - Excursion tip: Discover Salzburg"s Stadtberger!
  7. July 1st - Swimming tip: Hallein outdoor pool
  8. July 15 - SalzburgerLand Card
  9. July 29th - herb hike & recipe: valerian tincture
  10. August 12th - Excursion tip: Salzburg Zoo
  11. August 26th - Bad weather program for Salzburg
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  13. September 23rd - Thanksgiving Festival in Salzburg
  14. October 7th - autumn is hiking time in Salzburgerland
  15. October 21 - autumn enjoyment: red cabbage recipe from the Kirchenwirt
  16. November 4th - Enjoyable hiking season in Puch
  17. November 18th - Tie & decorate the Advent wreath
  18. November 28th - Pucher advent calendar with competition
  19. December 2nd - Mask carver: visiting Rettei-Masken
  20. December 16 - Smoking in Advent with recipe ideas

You have ideas for 2022 or you want to write a guest article here in PUCH MAGAZINE yourself, then contact me by email - we look forward to your stories from Puch and the surrounding area!

Calendar 2022 with pictures from Puch near Salzburg

So that I can"t just look at my pictures on the Internet and collect dust on all my hard drives, I created a calendar for 2022 for the first time this year. All with pictures of me from 2021, with the exception of the drone recordings by Kuscheiart and a few events that unfortunately could not take place last year, such as the Jakobisch├╝tzen rifle dance on Jakobikirtag, which hopefully can be performed in 2022.

PUCH KALENER 2022 ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

The calendar contains 80 pictures from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein and Hinterwiestal and there are only a limited number of them. As a small thank you for your loyalty, comments and many likes on my pictures on Instagram on @visitpuch, I am giving away a copy of my private PUCHER CALENDAR 2022 to all participants! What do you have to do to win the calendar? There are 3 ways to get into the lottery pot:

There are 3 ways to get into the lottery pot:

  1. Leave a comment here in PUCH MAGAZINE and tell me why you would like the calendar from Puch.
  2. Follow @visitpuch, Like & Comment on this post on Instagram
  3. Extra tickets: Share your favorite picture or video from @visitpuch in your story and link us so that we can see it too!

The competition runs until 5.1.2022 ­čŹÇ Good luck!

Who can take part in the PUCH CALENDAR 2022 competition? Eligible are people aged 14 and over. The judges" decision is final. Winners with an Instagram or Facebook account will be published on the social media platforms. Prize: The prize will be raffled among all participants in camera. A change or cash payment of the price is excluded. The winner will be informed of the prize in writing via email or an Instagram / Facebook message. If the winner does not respond to the notification of the prize within two days, the prize is forfeited without replacement. Competition on Facebook / Instagram: This competition is not connected to Facebook / Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook / Instagram. Data protection: The TVB Puch grants the highest possible data protection standard in the context of the competition and observes all relevant statutory provisions. TVB Puch will not forward any personal data to third parties or sell address data. TVB Puch saves the personal data of the respective participants exclusively for the purpose of the competition. The participants hereby expressly consent to the storage and use of the personal data provided for the above-mentioned purpose. Period: The competition for the PUCH CALENDAR 2022 runs from December 31, 2021 to January 5, 2022!

Blumige Gl├╝cksbringer ┬ę Blumenwerk Helga PUCH


Finally, I wish you all a happy and above all a healthy new year 2022! Good luck to all competition participants and if you take pictures from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein or Hinterwiestal, we look forward to your link on Facebook and Instagram. You are also welcome to send me suitable pictures by email to and I will then publish them under your name on our website.


It is difficult to find a favorite among the many pictures I took over the past year. Especially since you"ve already seen one of them in this post. Since there were unfortunately not many events and the Hubertus Fair at the Sch├Ânalm was again a dreamlike celebration after a long time, where you could meet many friends and neighbors and chat with them informally, I choose this picture as my personal highlight in 2021!

Hubertusmesse auf der Sch├Ânalm in PUCH ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

Do you also have a favorite picture from Puch? Then show us - we look forward to your message!

Hier geht┬┤s nach Puch bei Salzburg:

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