Culinary autumn hikes in Puch

Goose & golden yellow forests await you in November

by Barbara / 04. November 2021 / Culinary World / Nature
Gansl vom Moosbauer Puch bei Hallein © TVB Puch - Gerber

Enjoy the late autumn in Puch near Salzburg

We already had wonderful autumn days with us in SalzburgerLand. A really nice "Indian summer" with warm temperatures, yellow-gold colored forests and wonderful game dishes. Now the air is cooling down more and more, the first snow is looking down from the mountains, the deciduous trees are soon losing their last leaves and the days are getting shorter and shorter. It is late autumn in Salzburg and the Advent season is getting closer and closer.

St. Jakob am Thurn im Herbst © TVB Puch - Gerber

Autumn mood in St. Jakob am Thurn

You can see how magical autumn can be here in Puch in the current video:

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Enjoy the last beautiful autumn days with us in Puch, photograph the wonderful autumn colors and let yourself be pampered with culinary delights. Traditionally, around November 11th, in addition to the Martinsfeste, tasty goose is served at Pucher Gastro. But just read on what you can expect in November in the Puch!

Autumn kitchen: goose time in Puch

Allerheiligenstuck von der Bio-Bäckerei Pföss Puch © TVBPuch - Gerber

Autumn has a lot to offer in culinary terms. Fresh apples from the trees, the last herbs from the garden, pumpkins, delicious game dishes and much more! November has traditionally started very sweetly with the "Allerheiligenstuck" from the "Geden" (part-uncle and part-aunt). We have the best far and wide in the Pföss organic bakery: organic bakery: it"s fluffy, very tasty and with lots of icing .... hhhmmm!

Ofenfrische Gansl vom Kirchenwirt in Puch © Kirchenwirt Puch

From today on there will be delicious goose in Puch again! Traditionally around November 11th, the goose is prepared fresh from the oven in the Pucher Gastro and served with blue or red cabbage, tasty sauces and various dumplings. The best thing to do is to reserve a table at the Hotel Gasthof Kirchenwirt, in the Essbar or in the Vinisterium:

Here you can enjoy oven-fresh martin goose in Puch!

04-21.11 GANSLTAGE at the GH Kirchenwirt (reservation is requested) | Phone: 06245 / 83 134

09.-12.11 GANSLESSEN at the Essbar ((only on reservation) | Phone: 0650 / 91 96 172

from 09.11 (while stocks last) GANSLESSEN at the Vinisterium (Only on reservation) | Phone: 06245 / 90808

The goose from the Kirchenwirt and Vinisterium even come directly from Puch, from the Moosbauer organic farm! There I recently met young farmer Stefan Meißl with his goose and took a look at the farm for you.

Goose & regional products from Moosbauer in Puch

Gansl vom Mossbauer in Puch © TVB Puch - Gerber

The first thing you notice when you walk into the courtyard from Leitnerstrasse is something new! For a few weeks now, the Moosbauer in Puch has had a 24-hour machine where you can buy homemade delicacies and regional products around the clock.

Currently in the Moosbauer machine: Currently in the Moosbauer machine: Dairy products made from the farm"s own organic milk, such as yogurts, cream cheese, curd cheese spreads and clarified butter. In addition, homemade dumplings, sliced ​​cheese from the Bio-Hofkäserei Fürstenhof in Kuchl, meat and sausage products from the butcher"s shop Winklhof in Oberalm and bread, such as the Bosna sticks from the organic bakery Pföss.

24-Stunden-Automaten Moosbauer © TVB Puch - Gerber

Where are the goose?

Next to the machine you can already see and hear them, the numerous cackling geese. And right in the middle, young farmer Stefan Meißl who is currently feeding his poultry with organic corn feed meal behind the farm. He explains to me that "the geese eat 80% grass on the pasture and every field, regardless of the height of the grass, is mowed down" and that these organic grazing geese "grow up on the Moosbauer farm from the first to the last day". To be more precise, from May to November you can see the geese moving in a group across the fields around the Moosbauer.

Even more enjoyment from the farm

At the Moosbauer organic farm you also get a lot more! If you order in advance by telephone, you can still get eggs, milk, semi-hard cheese and fresh wood-fired bread every Friday, as well as tasty Kletzenbrot on order in Advent. In addition, veal and beef 1-2 times a year. If you have any questions or want to order something, just call the Moosbauer: Tel. +43 6245 75467 and don"t forget to try the delicious goose at the Kirchenwirt or Vinisterium!

Lantern parades for the Martinsfest!

Just like the goose, the popular lantern parades on the special day of Saint Martin of Tours around November 11th are part of it. The children spend days tinkering with the perfect lantern, which they then proudly present in kindergarten, school or on a leisurely stroll with the family. There"s just something magical about it when the lanterns shine against the stars in the sky and you"re still out and about in the dark in the evening. Or how does it say in one of the most popular lantern songs from the 19th century:

"Ich geh mit meiner Laterne und meine Laterne mit mir. (I go with my lantern and my lantern with me.)
Dort oben leuchten die Sterne und unten da leuchten wir". ( Up there the stars shine and down there we shine.)

Laternen vor der Wallfahrtskirche © TVB Puch - Gerber

Forest walk around the pond in St. Jakob am Thurn

An evening stroll around the pond in St. Jakob am Thurn at dusk is particularly beautiful. The pond and the illuminated pilgrimage church of St. Jakobus d. Ä. offers a mystical atmosphere. To warm up after a walk in the forest, it is best to reserve a place at Der Schützenwirt, who will be happy to spoil you with culinary dishes of the day.

St. Jakob am Thurn bei  Nacht © TVB Puch - Gerber

Culinary autumn excursion to Puch im Tennengau

How do you like the late autumn here in Puch? The splendor of colors in the surrounding forests is simply magical and the culinary variety is seemingly limitless. It"s not for nothing that the harvest festival is also celebrated in autumn! Let yourself be pampered with culinary delights from Pucher Gastro in November, don"t forget your lanterns on your evening stroll next week and stop by the Moosbauer"s vending machine!

And if you are looking for even more autumn mood and want to enjoy unique views, I have another excursion tip for you:

Ausflugstipp: Stadt Salzburg im Herbst erwandern!

Blick auf die Stadt Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

The autumn season is magical and invites you to take unique pictures of the colorful forests in SalzburgerLand. The city of Salzburg is now shining in a wonderful autumn glow. You can get particularly beautiful views of the autumnal old town and the Hohensalzburg Fortress on a walk over the Mönchsberg. From the Müllnerhügel you can march over the Richterhöhe to over the Festungsberg to Nonntal and enjoy great views again and again. At the Richterhöhe you can even see as far as Puch. Just look for the distinctive Barmsteine ​​on the left after the Untersberg, shortly before that you will find Puch.

READING TIP: You can find more about the Salzburg city mountains in the article from PUCH MAGAZINE "Excursion tip: Salzburger Stadtberger: Hiking on the Kapuzinerberg & on the Mönchsberg in the city of Salzburg" (from June 17, 2021). All sights of Salzburg can be found under "SIGHTSEEING".

Now get out of the house, enjoy the culinary autumn time and hike the most beautiful places in Puch and the surrounding area. If you have any questions, please write me a comment and link @visitpuch onf Instagram or "Puch bei Hallein" on Facebook. We look forward to your pictures from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein and Hinterwiestal!

Hier geht`s nach Puch bei Salzburg:

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