Excursion tip: Salzburg city mountains

Hiking on the Kapuzinerberg & on the Mönchsberg in the city of Salzburg

by Barbara / 17. Juni 2021 / Excursions
Ausblick vom Museum der Moderne Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

Discover Salzburg"s city mountains: Kapuzinerberg & Mönchsberg

The Mozart city of Salzburg is only a few kilometers away from Puch and is best known for its unique museums, historical personalities and historical places. Few think about that you can also hike through the city of Salzburg and discover a diverse natural environment here. I was out on my bike and took a closer look at the two most famous city mountains - the Kapuzinerberg and the Mönchsberg - for you. And I can only tell you this much - there is a lot to discover, special box seats and unique viewpoints of the city of Salzburg and the Hohensalzburg Fortress. I"m curious how you like my pictures of the Salzburg city mountains!

ARRIVAL TIP: As holiday guests in Puch, you can use the TennengauPLUS Card to travel to the city of Salzburg by bus and train for free. It takes around 40 minutes by bike from Puch to Linzergasse along the Salzach and in around 25 minutes by car you can reach one of the car parks in the city of Salzburg.

Unique views: The Hohensalzburg Fortress always in view

No matter which city mountain you want to discover, the view is unique from both mountains. The world-famous silhouette with the Hohensalzburg Fortress is a real eye-catcher. The imposing castle complex from the 11th century is not considered a landmark of the city of Salzburg for nothing

Blick auf die Festung Hohensalzburg vom Kapuzinerberg ©

Tip: I recommend good shoes and a water bottle for the hike up the Salzburg city mountains. Especially on hot days and when you are out with children, you will need the fluids. The paths are sometimes a bit steeper and not only run in the shady forest!

Now the tour starts on the Salzburg city mountains - Kapuzinerberg and Mönchsberg. Both tours should be easy to do in one day. It all depends on how many breaks you plan for the viewpoints and gastronomy visits and which sights are visited along the way.

1. The Kapuzinerberg with monastery & castle

3 paths lead to the 640 m high Kapuzinerberg on the right bank of the Salzach: from FĂĽrbergstraĂźe via Doblerweg, via Imbergstiege from Steingasse or from Linzergasse via Stefan-Zweig-Weg through the Franziskustor. I chose the steep path from Linzergasse through the Franziskuspforte and was rewarded with unique views and a sunrise over the eleven Kreuzweg chapels on the ascent:

When you arrive at the Capuchin monastery, you will find the monastery and Imberg church as well as the Hettwerbastei, which offers a unique view of the old town of Salzburg. From there you can follow the Stefan-Zweig-Weg, which is suitable for prams, or hike along the defensive wall on Bastei-Weg to the "Franziski-Schlössl".

Kapuzinerberg Wanderung © TVB Puch - Gerber

All roads lead to the Franziskischlössl

If you want to do a circular hike, you should decide on the hiking direction at the Capuchin Monastery - whether you prefer to walk the many steps on the Bastei-Weg up or down to the Franziskischlössl. The hike through the dense forest takes around 1 1/2 hours and is popular with many Salzburgers as a demanding running route. In addition, numerous information boards along the route provide information about the structure of the Kapuzinerberg, the formation of the city mountains and about life in nature.

City hike to the Franziskischlössl on the Kapuzinerberg

The sometimes somewhat steeper ascent to the highest point on the Kapuzinerberg (640 meters) at the Franziskischlössl is rewarded with a unique view of the north of Salzburg and the surrounding communities, such as the Maria Plain pilgrimage church.

The Franziskischlössl was built in 1629 under Early Archbishop Paris Lodron and originally designed as a pure defense structure with the 3 km long fortress wall. The Franziskischlössl has served as an excursion restaurant since 1849. Unfortunately, the restaurant in the Franziskischlössl is currently closed (as of June 2021).

Franziskischlössl am Kapuzinerberg © TVB Puch - Gerber

From the Franziskischlössl you can go back the same way or continue the circular hike.

Good to know when hiking on the Kapuzinerberg:

  • the Bavarian view near the Franziskischlössl is another great vantage point on the Kapuzinerberg
  • on the Kapuzinerberg there is the world"s only chamois colony in an urban area
  • The famous writer Stefan Zweig lived in the "Paschinger-Schlößl" from 1919 to 1934.
  • Since 2015 there is the "City Wall" via ferrata with three different routes from Naturfreunde Salzburg
Mirabellgarten mit Festung Hohensalzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

When you get back to Linzergasse, I recommend you take the path over Müllnersteg and Franz-Josef-Kai to Mönchsberg, which leads past Mirabellgarten. Tip: Enjoy the wonderful view of the garden and the Hohensalzburg Fortress here on the Rosenhügel.

Before the railway bridge, follow it up the Salzachgasse to the left, which leads to the Müllner Hauptstrasse at the intersection at the Salzburg State Hospital. Here you have to take the street on the left up the Müllnerhügel up to Augustinergasse. From there the path leads over the Mönchsberg past the Hohensalzburg fortress to Nonntal.

2. The Mönchsberg with fortress and museums

Several paths lead to the 508 m high Mönchsberg: via the mayor"s hole from Brunnhausgasse in the south, the Riedenburg via the vigilante, via the fortress mountain and the Schartentor, via the Clemens-Holzmeister-Stiege at the Festspielhaus, comfortably via the Mönchsberg lift or via the path which I have chosen - over the Müllner-Schanze at the Müllner Church.

From Augustinergasse, the path leads past the MĂĽllner Church to the MĂĽllner Schanze - a popular meeting point for all climbing enthusiasts, big and small. The climbing garden offers a 10 m high natural rock climbing wall with 12 climbing routes in difficulty levels 3 to 6+ and a rope course for children with various rope devices and slacklines.

We continue past the Hotel Schloss Mönchstein through the forest to the famous viewpoint at the Museum der Moderne. Enjoy the view of Salzburg and the Kapuzinerberg opposite. If you need some refreshment, you can enjoy the view on the terrace here in the M32 restaurant.

The paths are well signposted and some boards inform you about the history and nature on the Mönchsberg. Tip: hike from the museum above the Klausentor back to the Humboldt Terrace. The view from there is unique!

Möchnsberg Ausblick beim Museum der Moderne © TVB Puch - Gerber

Local recreation on Mönchsberg

The path leads us further through the forest towards the south, past the Stadtalm to the vigilante group. Several views such as the Untersberg or the horse pond await you along the hiking trail to Richterhöhe. When you arrive there, two high powder towers from the 18th century and an incomparable view as far as Puch in the Tennengau Salzach Valley await you!

The panoramic view extends from the Watzmann and the Staufen over the Untersberg and the Hohen Göll to the Gaisberg and the Hohensalzburg fortress. The view of Leopoldskron Castle and the Lepoldskroner Weiher is also special. A large orientation table helps you to find your way geographically better by means of a compass rose.

Tip: take a look over the walls towards the Hohensalzburg Fortress. Below that, on the steep slope, is the Salzburg Wine Museum in Georgsturm with a "model vineyard".

At the foot of the Hohensalzburg Fortress

Now it goes on over the fortress mountain to the old town or even further to Nonntal. The Hohensalzburg Fortress towers proudly and mightily in front of us and with every step you get closer to the unique landmark of Salzburg. Under the Schartentor you have a good view of the fortress railway and are a few steps further directly under the fortress. From there the somewhat steeper footpath leads to the entrance of the castle.

Further through the next gate you can take the path over the Festungsgasse into the old town of Salzburg or follow the "Hoher Weg" to the Nonnberg monastery.

I chose the route to Salzburg"s old town and took another walk through the enchanting city. If you are hungry after the tour, there are plenty of restaurants, cafés and inns available and if you still have time, you can visit one of the most popular museums in Salzburg

Tip: You can find all the sights at a glance under "Sightseeing - City of Salzburg & Surroundings".

Nature, culture & exercise in the city of Salzburg

This is exactly how I would describe this day trip to the Salzburg city mountains. It is hard to believe that there is so much nature, greenery and forest paths in the immediate vicinity of Salzburg"s old town and that you can also discover the unique history of Salzburg.

Especially in the early morning at sunrise or in the late evening at sunset the views of the city of Salzburg are unique and there are even fewer people on the way to take photos of the sights in peace.

The hikes on the Salzburg city mountains are also suitable for a nice family excursion. There is always an alternative to strolling with the stroller and there is a lot to discover for the children. Boredom - no chance! Think in advance which city mountain you want to explore and which sights you want to visit along the tour. If you want to visit several attractions I recommend the Salzburg Card.

Ausblick vom Mönchsberg © TVB Puch - Gerber

How did you like the Salzburg City Mountains Tour!

How did you like the tour of the Salzburg city mountains and which mountain would you like to visit first - the Mönchsberg or the Kapuzinerberg? Personally, I liked the Mönchsberg better because of the many attractions and views and I will visit it again soon. But then on foot with the children via one of the many stairs, where I will surely discover more viewpoints! Pictures of it can be seen again on Instagram @visitpuch.

If you have any questions or further tips about the city mountains in Salzburg, please leave me a comment.

Hiking route Kapuzinerberg & Mönchsberg

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