Culinary & Enjoyment

A Salzburg holiday tailored to your tastes

Whether a lavish breakfast right where you are staying, a delicious lunch at your favorite eatery, or a bike ride along signposted “Culinary Pathways” in Tennengau – you are certain to love the flavor of your holiday in Puch and Salzburger Land!

Puch greets you with a wide variety of dining establishments offering high-quality, seasonal, regional, Austrian and international cuisine. Give yourself a true treat as, together with your family, friends or colleagues, you enjoy a few leisurely hours at the restaurant.

Discover the delectable side of Puch

Your next culinary holiday in Salzburg begins in Puch

Discover the culinary front-row seats of Tennengau and enjoy traditional Austrian as well as international cuisine in Puch. Allow yourself to be treated to regional specialties and discover your own personal culinary highlights during your holiday in Salzburger Land – click here to find accommodations in Puch.

Mouthwatering photos from Puch and the Tennengau gourmet region