Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

All about Puch Holidays in Salzburg

We regularly receive questions about holidays in Puch in Salzburg. We have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for you here:

Where is the nearest doctor or pharmacy!

In Puch, you will find Pharmacy Arnika right in the center of town, while several doctors are available by appointment. Complete information can be found in our directory Puch from A to Z!

What sightseeing attractions are close by?

Puch is centrally situated in the Salzburger Tennengau region, close to Berchtesgadener Land and only 9 km from the city of Salzburg! All of the attractions close to Puch can be found in the listing provided under sightseeing! Whether you prefer strolling from museum to museum through the city of Mozart, experiencing the over 30 top excursion destinations in Tennengau or wish to discover Salzburger Land and Berchtesgadener Land, due to its central location, Puch offers you countless possibilities!

Is there a guest card that offers discounts?

Yes, there is a guest card in Puch. The TennengauPLUS Card confirms that you are a guest staying in the Tennengau region! With this card, you can take advantage of many discounted and even free offers. For example, you will be able to ride buses & trains through Tennengau, all the way into Salzburg City. And if you stay in Puch for 3 nights or longer, you will also be able to rent a trekking bike or E-bike for 24 hours free of charge.

Is public transport really free?

Yes! All guests with a valid TennengauPLUS Card are entitled to travel for free on all bus lines in Tennengau, including into Salzburg City, to the Gosausee and to Eben, and ride the suburban railway between Golling Abtenau and Salzburg Taxham Europark. On the train, your guest card counts as a ticket, while on the bus you will need to show your guest card in order to receive a ticket! A photo I.D. is always required. Find timetable information right here!

Are there shopping opportunities in puch bei salzburg?

Yes! Between Puch Urstein and the town center of Puch is a Spar supermarket. You will also find a bakery and tobacconist’s in town. In St. Jakob am Thurn, a small grocery store is open in the morning. Complete information can be found under infrastructure in Puch!

Are dogs allowed during holidays in Puch?

Yes! When you search for accommodations, select "Pets welcome" as a filter to receive a complete listing of lodgings where pets are welcome to stay. By village ordinance, dogs must be on a leash outdoors. There is a public area for dogs on Schulstraße. Please obey the signs posted there.

What is the local tax?

The local tax is actually a Salzburg tourism & visitors’ tax. In Puch, it amounts to 0.75 € per guest/night ages 16 and up! Younger children do not have to pay this tax.

Are there atms in puch?

Yes! There is an ATM right here in town at the Raiffeisenbank in Puch and another ATM at the entrance to the University of Applied Sciences in Puch Urstein.

Your Puch holiday in Salzburger Land

Discover the unique sightseeing attractions in Salzburg and the wonderful natural highlights here in the Tennengau region. Puch greets you with sincere hospitality, relaxation at the gateway to Salzburg City and first-class regional cuisine. Here you will find your accommodations in Puch for an unforgettable holiday in Salzburger Land!

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