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900 m² of racing fun for the whole family

by Barbara / 21. September 2022 / Excursions
Carrera WORLD Puch © TVB Puch - Gerber

New world of adventure in Salzburgerland - Carrera WORLD in Puch

Carrera has been a byword for fast duels and racing fun for the whole family for generations. No wonder, the name Carrera also means RACING in Spanish and this name does credit to the world-famous Carrera brand! The Carrera headquarters are located here in Puch and we at the Puch Tourist Association are delighted that Carrera WORLD, a new world of adventure, has been open in the SalzburgerLand since 23.9.2022. I was there for you with my children, tested the facilities and am happy to show you the highlights of the new 900m² world of adventure in Puch!

Carrera WORLD Puch @carrea toys

Carrera WORLD for high-speed fans

A dream come true for all motor racing fans in Salzburg! The first glance into the 900 m² hall of Carrera WORLD reveals many slots, several tracks with loops, cosy seating and, in the background, the shop full of Carrera products that you would love to take home with you.

Slots in der Carrera WORLD Puch © TVB Puch - Gerber

The three large, fast-paced DIGITAL 132 car racetracks are waiting with different track layouts and impressive decorations for up to 6 big and small racers aged 8 and over to go full throttle at the same time. Smaller tracks on the Carrera GO!!! racetrack for children aged 6 and over and the Carrera FIRST play track for younger siblings aged 3 and over invite them to exciting adventures. Together with the course for remote-controlled vehicles, the large selection ensures fun for the whole family.

The track planning and construction was all done by in-house staff. The colourful accents on the tracks were created by the Adnet Airbrusher Daniel Hirscher and the graffiti artist Tamara Volgger from Oberalm and give the hall and the race tracks that certain something extra.

Carrera WORLD Puch © TVB Puch – Gerber

The shop at Carrera WORLD

If you"re going to do your rounds in the world of adventure, you have to take a look at the shop. The children in particular were very excited about the range of products on offer. In keeping with the coming Christmas season, we have already discovered a Carrera Advent calendar where you can assemble a small remote-controlled car yourself at the end of Advent.

In the Carrera Shop, fans will find everything their racing heart desires. Cool Carrera car racing tracks and hot RC cars are the perfect souvenir after a day of racing. In addition to the great selection of racing tracks and remote-controlled vehicles, as well as the matching spare parts, many other toys from Revell and PUSTEFIX are also available. A shopper"s paradise for young and old!

Carrera Shop © TVB Puch - Gerber

Admission & Prices to Carrera WORLD

Admission to Carrera WORLD, as well as access to the large Carrera Shop and use of the RC course and Carrera FIRSTracetrack are FREE!

Tickets for the three large, fast-paced DIGITAL 132 car racetracks for ages 8 and up and the smaller tracks of the Carrera GO!!! racetrack for children aged 6 and over can be booked atf

TIP: Holidaymakers with the TennengauPLUS Card receive a 20% discount on a one-off booking for one of the Carrera racetracks at Carrera World. You will find the discount code in the current guest card folder under brochures!
Carrera World © TVB Puch – Gerber

Snacks and opening hours at Carrera WORLD

Come and discover the new Carrera WORLD in Puch near Salzburg. If you want to ride one of the big tracks, it"s best to book an Online-Ticket beforehand and get your fixed times for your race. A vending machine with snacks and drinks is on site.

Current opening hours can be found at

Getting to Carrera WORLD in Puch Urstein

Thanks to its central location in Salzburg"s Tennengau region, the world of adventure is within easy reach! Carrera WORLD is located in front of the mighty Untersberg at Rennbahn Allee 1 in 5412 Puch bei Hallein (see map below), directly on the A10 (E55) at the Puch/Urstein motorway exit. There is plenty of free parking in front of the building. If you are travelling by public transport, it is only a few minutes" walk from the Puch Urstein bus stop (Regionalbus 165) to Carrera WORLD. The S-Bahn station at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is also nearby.

Carrera in Puch Urstein © Carrera

TIP: Guests of Puch with the TennengauPLUS Card travel free of charge by bus & train through the Tennengau to the city of Salzburg!

One year later! Current offers in the CARRERA WORLD in Puch Urstein

Supplementary written on 19.9.2023

Familienausflug in die Carrera World in Puch © CARRERA

Since its opening in September 2022, Carrera WORLD can look back on an impressive track record. Many visitors of all ages from near and far have visited Carrera World. During the summer and holiday season in particular, Carrera WORLD was extremely popular in all weathers - hot or rainy - with Carrera fans from the region as well as holidaymakers who were willing to travel further afield.

So Carrera World is looking forward to the autumn and now the Christmas season with confidence. The Christ Child will no doubt be busy shopping in the large Carrera Shop at Carrera WORLD, where the entire Carrera range can be found: Complete sets, individual cars, accessories, etc. After all, Carrera is still THE Christmas gift, and no Christmas tree should be without it.

NEW: Celebrate your next event in CARRERA WORLD

Carrera WORLD also has a number of new offers: children's birthday parties have been on offer since the spring - kids can let off steam on the Carrera tracks, bring their own cakes and drinks, there's a festively decorated birthday corner and a little surprise for the birthday boy or girl.

Kindergeburstag in der Carrera World in Puch © CARRERA

Another new feature is the offer for groups of companies, families or friends. Companies like to use the races at the Carrera racetrack to motivate their employees and strengthen team spirit. Carrera is not only an individual sport, but also a sport that promotes team spirit and cooperation. Groups of families and friends can enter the world of racing and have fun together and experience unforgettable hours in action-packed car races to thrilling duels on the slot car tracks.

Firmenevents in der Carrera World in Puch © CARRERA

The Carrera WORLD team understands that every event is unique. Simply get in touch and let us know the key points such as date, number of people and catering requirements - and you will receive an individual and tailor-made offer.

What is the difference between the Carrera WORLD racetracks?

But what is the difference between the various race tracks at Carrera WORLD in Puch? Which track should I choose, for a race day with my friends or for a duel with the family? These 3 models are available:

Carrera First

Let"s start with the free Carrera FIRST, which offers driving fun for the youngest from the age of 3. The colourful tracks have an ergonomic hand controller, specially designed for children"s hands and easy handling for beginners. Themed slots and decorative elements, such as the current PAW PATROL track in Carrera WORLD, make the racing experience even more exciting for pre-schoolers.

Carrera GO!!!

For beginners aged 6 and over, the GO!!! analogue racetrack offers a number of highlights such as loops, narrow sections, points and jumps. Two drivers can take part in the race at the same time and the tracks as well as the cars are on a scale of 1:43. For home use, the track is available with various licence themes such as Disney-Pixar Cars, Formula 1 or Nintendo Mario Kart.

Digital 132

The 3 large Digital 132 car racing tracks are between 15 and 25 metres long and offer detailed cars on a scale of 1:32, a real racing feeling with lane changes, driving with lights, individually adjustable speed and, with the extra wide tracks on a scale of 1:24, optimal cornering with sensational drifts and cool slides. Grandstand, crash barriers and tyre stacks provide a real racing feeling. In addition, these tracks can be driven by up to 6 people aged 8 and over at the same time.

Tip: bring your own slots to Carrera WORLD!

Carrera - Motorsport for the home

But what is Carrera anyway? Carrera has been revolutionising the car racing sector for many decades, connecting several generations without age limits. Through close cooperation with the automotive industry, Carrera today offers attractive and true-to-the-original licences from the world of motorsport, such as Formula 1 or the touring car scene. Brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Audi and BMW also add to the fun of racing at home. What"s more, Carrera is active worldwide and strongly aligns its model policy with international needs.

The history of Carrera - a brief summary

As early as 1920, Josef Neuhierl began manufacturing tin toys in the Franconian town of Fürth and founded the JNF (Josef Neuhierl Fürth) tin toy factory. His son Hermann Neuhierl discovered people"s enthusiasm for car racing tracks on a business trip to America and in 1963 created the "Carrera Universal", the first electrically powered Carrera car racing track on a scale of 1:32.

In the 1970s and 1980s, further development was carried out on Carrera racetracks and after restructuring at the end of the 1990s, the Stadlbauer group of companies from Salzburg took over the company, which opened its administrative headquarters with us in Puch Urstein in 2010. In 2019, Stadlbauer sold to the international investment company Quantum Capital Partners, which had also acquired Revell GmbH (plastic model kits) the previous year, due to strategic prospects for the future. Carrera Toys GmbH was given its new name on 1 January 2021 and will henceforth be part of the Carrera Revell Group. The Stadlbauer family continues to serve on the advisory board.

If you would like to find out more about the history, the high standards, the original licences etc., visit the Carrera website and read on under  „The Carrera Brand“.

Carrera WORLD - a meeting place for families and motor sports enthusiasts

Personally, I"m not a big fan of speed and car racing. However, a duel with friends or family at Carrera WORLD is just great fun! And let"s be honest, who doesn"t like winning? The kids also really enjoyed it, had lots to discover and didn"t want to go home. I, above all, am thrilled by the original slots and the miniature world, or have you ever seen the Salzburg Ring from above as a Carrera track?

Carrera WORLD Puch © TVB Puch – Gerber

But the best thing to do is simply drop by Carrera WORLD and discover the new world of adventure in Puch! Enjoy the cosy atmosphere and, above all, have lots of fun with your duels on the Carrera racetracks!

TIP: You can find more pictures and videos of Carrera WORLD in general and of the opening on Instagram on our page @visitpuch and directly at @carrera.official ! If you are also on site and post pictures or videos, feel free to link us to your shots and tell us about your excursions to Carrera WORLD in Puch!

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