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10 ideas with lots of tips for excursions in the rainy weather in SalzburgerLand

by Barbara / 26. August 2021 / Excursions / Nature

Bach in St. Jakob am Thurn © TVB Puch - Gerber

There is no such thing as bad weather in Austria!

Bad weather, what is it? The sun also needs a break and nature needs rain for the meadows and forests. But as soon as it rains, we often lack ideas about what to do on a day like this, especially with children. In order to get going faster on such "bad" days, I have put together my list of ideas for weather-independent excursions in the Salzburger Land for you. Have fun with your planning!

Weiher in St. Jakob am Thurn © TVB Puch - Gerber

10 ideas for your bad weather activity in Salzburg

Due to the central location of Puch, the possibilities for excursions are almost limitless. Regardless of whether the sun is shining, the wind is a little cooler or the famous Salzburg Schnürlregen is pulling through the country, there is enough to discover. And as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing!

TIP: You can get waterproof outdoor clothing and the right footwear at  Bergspezl in Puch!

What you can experience in summer in rainy weather in Salzburg, I have summarized for you here. Have fun on your next trip and link us to your photos on Instagram or Facebook if you visit a tip from the list ;-)

1. Walk in the forest is always possible!

A walk through the forest is always good! The air is wonderfully clear and the leaves of the trees protect against rain and provide shade on hot summer days. Get out of the house and into the next forest. Perhaps you will also find a few mushrooms (mushrooms) at this time of year and thus ensure a healthy lunch. If you want to see more than "just" trees and animals on your next forest walk, here are a few hiking tips and themed trails that lead through the forests in the area. All of them can even be accessed for free!

Wasserfall © TVB Puch

Eventful forest paths in Salzburg:
» Marmorweg in Adnet 4 km » Hiking trail through the Adneter Brüche with Kneipp facility, 13 play stations and an outdoor fitness park. Guided tours possible after registration! Tip: Fit & & Moved through Adnet"s marble quarries
» Naturerlebnis Glasenbachklamm in Elsbethen ↓ 8  km » Time and geo exhibition path with Kneipp fountain, balance course and display boards. Tip: Fossils exhibition in the gorge in the powder maker museum.
» Jahreszeitenweg in Golling 20 km » Troubled information boards and many game stations at Egelsee near the Aqua Salza Golling.
» Mühlenrundweg in Scheffau ↓ 28 km » Hike along the Herzerlweg to the historic grain mill from the 17th century and to the waterfalls: Schwarzenbachfall and Winner waterfall.
» Heufigurenweg in Annaberg-Lungötz ↓ 60 km » At the side of the path are selected hay figures from the past Lammertal HeuART parades. Tip: Gaudi-Golf on the Heufigurenweg!
» Lammertaler Urwald in St. Martin a. Tgb ↓ 60 km » Austria"s largest trees can be admired in the 10 hectare natural forest reserve near the Spiessalm.

2. Unique parks for your all-weather program

Especially when the weather is inconsistent and you often only need a short shelter until the next rain shower has passed, the informative buildings in the extensive park facilities are ideal. Hiking in the fresh air and you can also get information in the dry rooms. You probably already know which systems I am talking about, right? Exactly - the Salzburg Zoo and the Salzburg Open Air Museum offer you enough space to discover and play in all weather conditions.

Freilichtmuseum Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

Outdoor experience:
» Zoo Salzburg in Hellbrunn ↓ 7 km » Hellbrunn Zoo with 150 species from Eurasia, Africa, America and Australia. » Pictures and further information in the Puch Magazine "Excursion tip Salzburg Zoo"
» Salzburger Freilichtmuseum in Grossgmain 20 km » 100 rebuilt original buildings from agriculture, handcraft, rural trade and industry can be visited. Highlight: The museum train runs on a 1.7 km long route through the Salzburger Gaue.

3. Castles and palaces

Are you also enthusiastic about the Middle Ages and fascinated by how people used to live there? The castles and palaces in Salzburg offer you a special experience and the perfect all-weather program for the whole family. The following is a selection for your next visit to the castle near Puch.

Festung Hohensalzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

Kunst & Geschichte erleben:
» Schloss Galerie Wiespach in Oberalm ↓ 4 km » Discover art and history at the Hallein outdoor pool. » Guided tours from 10 people possible.
» Festung Hohensalzburg in der Stadt Salzburg ↓ 9  km » Unique journey back in time to the Middle Ages of Salzburg. Can be reached on foot or by cable car. " open all year!
» Burg Golling ↓ 20 km » Experience the natural and cultural history of the Tennengau on 500 m². » Open from May to October!
» Burg Hohenwerfen in Werfen 35 km » 900 year old castle with birds of prey, falconry and knight"s meal » open from April to November!
» Burg Mauterndorf im Lungau ↓ 100 km » Medieval castle complex with a 44 meter high defense tower » open from May to October!

4. Show worlds underground

Into the mountain and you forget what kind of weather is outside. In the mountain it doesn"t matter if the sun is shining or if it is raining. Warm clothes and sturdy shoes are highly recommended for an excursion into the mountain and you can for the most part book your ticket directly online. In general, a visit to the mountain is only possible with an early stage and it is usually not allowed for children under 4 years of age. Further information on the five most popular show worlds near Puch can be found directly at the following caves and mines in the list!

Stollen © Salzwelten Salzburg

Experience in the mountain:
» Salzwelten Salzburg in Hallein ↓ 8  km » The world"s oldest visitor mine with a miner"s slide, salt lake and exciting tours through the history of salt (more in Hallstatt ↓ 70 km and Altaussee ↓ 85 km).
» Schellenberger Eishöhle 10 km » The only opened ice show cave in Germany on the Untersberg. » Open from June to October!

» Salzbergwelt in Berchtesgaden ↓ 15 km » Adventure tour with slide and mirror lake » open all year round!

» Eisriesenwelt in Werfen ↓ 40 km » With a length of 42 km, it is the largest ice cave in the world. 45 min hike including cable car ride (3 min) to the entrance of the cave. " open daily!
» Schaubergwerk Kupferzeche in Hüttau ↓ 50 km » Impressive tunnels in the copper vein and a great blaze of colors of the minerals. »Open from June to September + advance registration in the remaining months!

5. Museums & Churches

The classic in bad weather is a visit to a museum! I immediately think of over 25 museums that you can visit near Puch. In addition to the Salzburg Cathedral, there are also many smaller parish churches in each place that you can visit.

Korallenriff © Haus der Natur in Salzburg

Churches & museums in and around Puch:
» Kirchen in Puch Parish church of Puch with the Roman milestone and the Pucher Pamesel | Pilgrimage church of St. James the Elder with the Loretto Chapel
» Museen & Kirchen in der Stadt Salzburg ↓ 9  km » Mozart"s birthplace | Mozart"s house | DomQuartier Salzburg | House of Nature | Toy Museum | Salzburg Museum | Museum of Modern Art | Hangar-7 | Museum in the Hohensalzburg Fortress | Stiegl`s brewing world | Christmas Museum | Weinbau Museum Salzburg | Tip: SalzburgCard
» Museen im Tennengau 5-30 km » Marble Museum Adnet | Museum in Golling Castle | Museum Kuchl | Hallein Celtic Museum | Silent Night Museum Hallein | Hallein Salt Mine
» Weitere Salzburger Heimatmuseen & Sammlungen ↓ 5-40 km » Arlerhof in Abtenau | Mesnerhäusl in Bad Vigaun | Brewery and bindery museum Hofbräu Kaltenhausen in Hallein | Fossil Museum in Kuchl and Rußbach
» Museen in Berchtesgaden ↓ 7 - 30 km » Documentation Obersalzberg | Lokwelt Freilassing | Old salt works in Bad Reichenhall | H-P Porsche dream work | House of the Mountains in the Berchtesgaden National Park | Berchtesgaden salt mine

6. Cinema & Theater

Going to the cinema or going to the theater is particularly popular in rainy weather. The best known are of course the Salzburg Festival but there is a lot more that Salzburg has to offer culturally! Here is an overview of the cultural scene in Salzburg.

Kinobesuch © Canva - Rgstudio

Cinemas & theaters near Puch:
» Cinemas » Stadtkino Hallein | Mozartkino Salzburg | Das Kino - Salzburger Filmkulturzentrum | Cineplexx Airport | Sternenkino im Sommer

7. Experience pleasure

Salzburg is known for its regional producers and seasonal delicacies! In our inns and restaurants you can convince yourself of the quality of the products. If you want to immerse yourself even more in the world of enjoyment, I have the following excursion tips for you - which you can visit in any weather.

Fürstenhof © SalzburgerLand Tourismus - Michael Grössinger

On the trail of enjoyment:
» Hofbräu Kaltenhausen ↓ 6  km » Guided tours and beer tastings by appointment.
» Stiegl-Brauwelt ↓ 14 km » Museum on 400 m² with a brewery cinema, in-house brewery and guided tours »open daily from 10 am to 7 pm!
» Bio-Hofkäserei Fürstenhof in Kuchl 16 km » Guided tours of the farm and workshop "Make your own cheese" in the show dairy. »The farm shop is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

8. Thermal baths & wellness

You can relax on a cool rainy day in the numerous thermal baths and wellness areas in Salzburg and the surrounding area. Simply switch off, enjoy the peace and quiet and relax!

Paracelsusbad Salzburg © CH Wöckinger

Here you can swim & wellness in Salzburg:
» Wellness in Puch »  Wellness area at Kirchenwirt | Wellness facility on Vollererhof with indoor pool & outdoor pool (currently closed).
» Tennengau ↓ 8 - 20 km » Heiltherme Bad Vigaun | Aqua Salza Golling
» Berchtesgadener Land ↓ 15 - 30 km » Watzmanntherme Berchtesgaden | Rupertustherme Bad Reichenhall
» Stadt & Land Salzburg ↓ 12 - 90 km » Paracelsus Bad in der Stadt Salzburg | Therme Amadè in Altenmarkt | Alpentherme Gastein | Tauernspa in Zell am See

9. Shopping

Doesn"t the weather matter when shopping? Most of the time you are in the shop, browsing through the beautiful clothes, accessories and much more! There are also some shopping centers around Puch where you can go on a bargain hunt!

Einkaufsbummel © Canva - Natee Meepian

Indoor and outdoor shopping opportunities around Puch:
» Shopping streets in town and country ↓ 9  km » Altstadt von Hallein | Getreidegasse & Linzergasse in der Stadt Salzburg | Shopping in the markets of Kuchl & Golling
» Einkaufszentren ↓ 10 - 25  km » Shopping Arena in der Alpenstraße | EuroparkZIB Shopping in der Fürbergstraße | Forum 1 am Salzburger Central Station | Designer Outlet in Wals-Himmelreich

10. Indoor-Sports

Do you or your children like to exercise and have to really work off in rainy weather? Then try climbing in one of the indoor halls or meet up for mini golf and bowling. Indoor leisure fun is guaranteed here!

Einkaufsbummel © Canva - Pixelshot

Sport & exercise in the dry:
» Climbing gyms ↓ 6 - 15 km » Kellterhalle Kuchl Boulderhalle Hallein (currently closed) | Südwand Kletterhalle Anif | Boulderhalle Salzburg with covered outdoor area
» Indoor-Playground↓ 6 - 20 km »  Hoppolino in Anif | Kinderland Salzburg in der Münchner Bundesstraße
» Sportoase Salzburg ↓ 18 km » Bowling, billiards, mini golf, fun machines, darts and Salzburg children"s area.


Addendum Sept 2022

Carrera World © TVB Puch - Gerber

Since September 2022,  Carrera WORLD in Puch Urstein has been a new indoor adventure world in the Salzburgerland region. Awaiting you on 900 m² are lots of slots, several Carrera tracks with loops, cosy seating and the extensive Carrera shop. Admission is free, and tickets for the racetracks are available on site or online. You can find more information in our PUCH MAGAZINE article: "CARRERA WORLD IN PUCH - racing fun for the whole family on 900 m²"

Excursion destinations in all weather conditions!

And already found something? Surely there was something for you for your next trip in rainy weather? There is simply a lot to discover here and you will definitely not get bored here in Puch, even in bad weather. Especially due to the proximity to the city of Salzburg!

Stadt Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

TIP: As a holiday guest in Puch, you can use the TennengauPLUS Card to travel free of charge by bus & train through the Tennengau to the city of Salzburg.

Do you have any other ideas what you can add to the list for the bad weather program in Salzburg? Then write to me in the comments :-)

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