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by Barbara / 12. August 2021 / Excursions / Nature

Pelikane vor dem Untersberg im Zoo Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

Discover the world of animals in Salzburg

The zoo landscape in the Hellbrunn zoo, with its steep rock face and spacious grounds, is unique in its shape. Experience a journey into the world of animals and discover the habitat of 150 animal species from Eurasia, Africa, America and Australia. A trip to Salzburg Zoo is possible all year round, every day and in any weather and offers fun for the whole family!

Steinbock Kassa Zoo Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

As an annual ticket holder, I visit the Salzburg Zoo with my children several times a year and it is always a highlight. You can visit the zoo for a few hours or for the whole day and you won"t get bored. In addition, there is always something new, such as the new African penguin facility that was only opened in 2020. But I also like the new paved visitor paths, because you don"t bring so much dust home with you from the gravel.

If you want to know what"s new in Hellbrunn Zoo and what you should know about visiting the zoo in Salzburg, then just read on. I hope you like my pictures and tips about the zoo in Hellbrunn.

Zootiere Zoo Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

ARRIVAL: By car you need less than 10 minutes from Puch via the A10 motorway (exit Salzburg-Süd in the direction of Anif) to the Salzburg Zoo. There are plenty of free parking spaces for cars and buses. Important: have your parking ticket validated at the zoo! You can comfortably reach the zoo by bike from Puch in around 20 minutes. Bus line 25 departs from Salzburg"s main train station and stops near the main entrance to the zoo. The journey by public transport from Puch takes about 1 hour.

Visit to the zoo: a special experience for the whole family

For children, a visit to the zoo is a special experience in and of itself and you collect wonderful memories that will last forever. Around 1,500 animals live in the 14 hectare site at Salzburg Zoo. So that the kids feel even more comfortable in the zoo, there are many more offers for families with children, which I have collected for you here:

11 highlights & tips for children at Salzburg Zoo

  1. Along the stroller-friendly paths there are 2 playgrounds to let off steam.
  2. On hot days, the spray mist systems cool off the visitors.
  3. Handcarts are available for borrowing (1 euro coin) at the main entrance and at the Steinbock cash desk.
  4. Many rest areas and some snack areas with tables invite you to linger.
  5. You can fortify yourself in the kiosk, at the snack machines and in the restaurant "Das Zoo - Grill & Café". From the tasty French fries to the popular pretzels and the WOK with fresh vegetables, there is something for every taste.
  6. The children enter the petting zoo with enthusiasm. A slide leads directly to the running pets.
  7. Various photo stations and special information boards for children make the way to the next animal never boring.
  8. There are several toilet facilities with changing tables on the zoo: At the Steinbock cash desk, near the main entrance (at the prairie dog facility) and in the lion house. New for a short time: Toilet facilities for the glasses penguins and a disabled toilet at the "Mane Wolf Playground".
  9. Special tours do not only make the children"s birthday an unforgettable experience. There are various bookable zoo tours on special topics.
  10. With the virtual sticker album you can go on a scavenger hunt through the Salzburg Zoo with your smartphone and after you have collected all the stickers you can pick up a reward at the zoo cash desk.
  11. As a reminder of the beautiful day at the zoo, you can buy souvenirs such as cuddly toys, t-shirts or necklaces in the zoo shop.

Crazy, right? A pure paradise for children! In the Salzburg Zoo, the animals can not only be observed, but also petted and fed. At the last children"s birthday party in the zoo, I was able to see live how the children even had a snake, a Geko and a large grasshopper in their hands in the zoo school. Plus the many opportunities to move around and discover something new. A visit to the Salzburg Zoo is always a special experience - not just for the children.

Animal diversity: discovered 150 animal species at Salzburg Zoo

Hellbrunn Zoo is home to around 1,500 domestic and exotic animals. The spacious open-air facilities and houses on 14 hectares accommodate around 150 animal species, from Alpine ibex to zebra. I was able to get a few animals in front of the camera for you on my last visits. Which is your favorite animal at Salzburg Zoo?

In the Salzburg Zoo you walk through 4 themed areas. You will travel to the following continents and will be able to observe the following animals, among others:

Africa: White rhinoceros, African penguins, lions, cheetahs, Dalmatian pelicans, and much more.

Australia: Budgies and diamond dives in the walk-in aviary, parma kangaroo and bearded dragon

Eurasia: Ibex, wolverine, brown bear, fish otter, red panda, and much more.

South America: Flamingo, lowland tapir, alpacas, water turtles, puma, snow trail and much more.

Where can I find the animals in Salzburg Zoo?

The area is very extensive and I prefer to start at the Steinbock cash desk (attention: not open all year round), as the large parking lot is here and you can take a nice round from here. You can see where you can find the animals at the main entrance, at the ibex cash desk and at the maned wolf playground by the large zoo overview board. At the two entrances and exits there is also information about when and which feedings will take place on that day.

Zoo Salzburg Übersichtsplan © TVB Puch - Gerber

African penguins as the newest attraction at the Salzburg Zoo

Brillenpinguinen-Anlage im Zoo Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

Since 2020, the numerous zoo visitors have been enjoying the new 300 square meter penguin enclosure in Africa. Around 20 African penguins can be seen sunbathing and swimming from a terrace. Through the side panes of glass you can watch the small fractional bearers while diving. There is also a generous penguin information area where you can find out more about other penguin species. It is particularly gratifying that the first African penguin chick hatched in Salzburg Zoo in June 2021 and will soon be on display. Penguin chicks do not fully fledge until they are 85 days old!

60 years of Salzburg Zoo!

The then "Alpenzoo Hellbrunn" officially opened its doors to visitors on April 29, 1961. Unfortunately, this year"s 60th anniversary can only be celebrated on "quiet paws" due to the current situation. You can currently visit a photo exhibition throughout the zoo and there will be a zoo magazine of its own in autumn. You can see a short summary of the history of Salzburg Zoo on the way between the Steinbock cash desk and the main entrance, which was built as part of "50 Years Salzburg Zoo".

Schautafeln 50 Jahre Zoo Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

My personal tips & important information about Salzburg Zoo

When you visit Salzburg Zoo for the first time, you may not think of "everything". As a regular zoo visitor, I automatically pay attention to a few things. Here are my tips and information for your first visit to the zoo in Salzburg.

Don"t forget the 1 euro coins

Especially if you are traveling with (small) children, the 1 euro coins are worth gold! On the one hand for the handcart rental and on the other hand for the small sand excavators at the playground opposite the restaurant. There are also beverage and snack machines as well as a coin machine where you can use the change!

Dogs are allowed!

However, the dogs should be kept on a short leash. Entry for the dog costs 2.80 euros.

Animal feedings are a special experience

Plan your visit to the zoo according to the feeding times of the animals. There are four different feedings every day between 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Special pellets can be bought for selected animals and the animals can be hand-fed.

Slide in the petting zoo

A small selection of the animals can be experienced and petted up close in the petting zoo. The slide in this area is a highlight for the children. To be on the safe side, there are two doors that must be closed so that the petting animals cannot run away.

Validate the parking ticket!

The large parking lot is free for zoo visitors. So that you can use the parking lot free of charge, you have to have your parking ticket validated at the exit before you leave the zoo area again.

2 inputs - 3 outputs!

In addition to the 2 cash registers, there is also the option of leaving the zoo grounds at the mane wolf playground through a revolving door and walking to Hellbrunn Palace. But be careful, once you"re out of here, you can"t get in again.

Salzburg(erland) Card

Would you like to see several excursion destinations in the city of Salzburg and use the means of transport for free? Then get the Salzburg Card and get free entry to the Salzburg Zoo. Tip: a 24h Salzburg Card is also included in the SalzburgerLand Card.

Hellbrunn Palace, trick fountains & park

Allow some time after visiting the zoo! Hellbrunn Palace with its large park and water features is only a few steps away from the Salzburg Zoo. The large playground in the castle park is a highlight for children and the Kneipp basin with the drizzle system provides a certain amount of cooling on hot summer days.

Unterbergblick im Zoo Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

Did you already know all of my helpful tips? If I should add something to the list, feel free to leave me a message in the comment below. Everyone probably sees a visit to the zoo a little differently. Some just want to watch the animals, others are waiting to get the perfect photo of an animal. Families, on the other hand, are happy when the children have fun and others enjoy not only the animals but also the many flowers and herbs that grow on the zoo grounds. Due to the size of the Salzburg Zoo, the variety of the different animal species and the varied offer, there is something for every age and for every taste. So off to Salzburg Zoo and discover the unique zoo in Hellbrunn near Puch.

See you soon at Salzburg Zoo!

Do you have any further questions about Salzburg Zoo or would you like to know more about the tours or what amounts of food the zoo animals consume? Then visit the website of Salzburg Zoo and get information about the current opening times, prices and visitor regulations. Of course, you can also support Salzburg Zoo with donations or sponsorships or take part in various events. Just click through and you will surely find the right answers or contact persons for your questions.

Zoo Salzburg ©TVB Puch - Gerber

Sunset in the Salzburg Zoo

You can visit Salzburg Zoo 365 days a year at any time of the year. If you would like to take pictures, I recommend you visit in the late afternoon in the summer. The sunset next to the Untersberg creates a beautiful atmosphere and the light effects in the trees are unique.

Sonnenuntergang im Zoo Salzburg © TVB Puch - Gerber

You can find more pictures of me and from Salzburg Zoo on Instagram at @visitpuch o or without social media registration in our Instagram Picture GalleryFeel free to leave me a comment here or on Instagram or write me an email.

Have fun on your next visit to the Salzburg Zoo! Take enough time, enjoy the beautiful grounds and read the information boards next to the animals.

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