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New agricultural information boards erected in Puch and St. Jakob am Thurn!

by Christian / 11. April 2024 / Excursions / Nature
Schautafeln Landwirtschaft in St. Jakob am Thurn - Foto: TVB Puch

Insights into agriculture: an initiative of the Salzburg farmers' wives

A discovery tour about life and work on the farm has been awaiting you in Puch bei Salzburg since April. Together with the Puch farmers' wives, the Puch Tourist Board has set up 11 information boards on Salzburg agriculture as a themed trail along the marked village circuit on the Sister Hildegard Trail and 3 boards in St. Jakob am Thurn.

The educational trail gives you an insight into local agriculture in Salzburgerland and answers one or two questions. The information boards have been designed in a child-friendly and clear way and provide information about agriculture, forestry, animals and working on a farm. The boards are available all year round, around the clock in Puch along the signposted hiking trail suitable for pushchairs and in St. Jakob am Thurn at the public car park by the large panoramic map.

Landwirtschaftliche Schautafeln am Schwester Hildegard Weg - Foto: TVB Puch

Display boards convey agricultural knowledge

As chairman of the Puch bei Salzburg Tourism Association, I would like to thank the municipality of Puch and the Hetz family for providing the necessary land. Special thanks also go to my sister and Puch local farmer Andrea Hager for her initiative in realising this project in Puch.

Ortsbäuerin Andrea Hager und Christian Rettenbacher, Obmann des Tourismusverbandes Puch - Schautafeln der Landwirtschaft - Foto: TVB Puch

The agricultural display boards, created by the Salzburg farmers' wives, have been enriching individual villages in Salzburgerland for two years now. More and more communities are joining this project, including us in Puch. The illustrated information boards are a valuable addition to our village. They offer not only our visitors, but also the locals and especially the children the opportunity to experience and understand rural life and agriculture in an informative way.

The colourful panels were designed by author Birgit Koxeder-Hessenberger and illustrator Evelyn Faulhaber from They are not only eye-catching, but also convey important information about our local agriculture and forestry, thus helping to promote understanding and respect for this industry. As a tourism association, we have gladly agreed to cover the costs of this project, as we firmly believe that it makes a positive contribution to the enhancement of our region and helps to recognise the importance of agriculture to our region.

Autorin Birgit Koxeder-Hessenberger und Illustratorin Evely Faulhaber

What can you expect on the Salzburg Agriculture Theme Trail?

In addition to the meadow and forest boards, there are also child-friendly boards on individual animals (cattle, chicken, horse, sheep, etc.). Questions are answered here, such as: What is written on the egg? What do cows eat? The special thing about these boards: the information all comes from experts - the Salzburg farmers' wives. You can explore the following 11 topics on the Sister Hildegard Trail along the village circuit in Puch (the information boards on the fields and pastures have not been set up):

  •     Our milk
  •     The cattle family
  •     All about chickens
  •     Meadow habitat
  •     Valuable field
  •     Busy bees
  •     Forest habitat
  •     On the mountain pasture
  •     Working cycle
  •     The versatile sheep
  •     The pig family
  •     All about the goat
  •     All about horses

Directions: Themed trail - agricultural information boards in Puch near Salzburg

The agricultural theme trail starts at the public car park next to the Puch municipal office, where the first 2 display boards on the topics of milk and cattle are located at the nearby Hetz family's pit farmer at the start of the cycle and footpath. To discover the other information boards, follow the signposted Puch village circuit (no. 18). After the car park, the path leads down to the left, under the railway subway and then turns left into Schwester Hildegard Weg, where the path initially takes you over a small wooden bridge.

Brücke Schwester Hildegard Weg - Foto: TVB Puch

The other nine boards can be comfortably hiked within 10 minutes without stopping to read. There are benches along the way to take a break and an insect hotel offers the opportunity to discover the local wildlife.

At the end of the path, the route leads left to the large children's playground, the skating area and the idyllic leisure centre. The path to the right along the signposted village circuit continues to the left at the next junction. If you go straight ahead, you will come directly to the Salzach, from where you can either turn left to Hallein or right via Puch Urstein towards the city of Salzburg.

Dorfrunde Puch - Foto: TVB Puch

Interactive tour map Tennengau

You can find all our hiking trails in Puch with directions, pictures and other tips in the Tennengau tour portal. Click on the map section to go directly to the Puch village circuit (no. 18), where all the agricultural information boards are marked as "Nature trail" waypoints along the Sister Hildegard Trail.

Dorfrunde mit landwirtschaftlichen Schautafeln - Foto: Outdooractive

TIP: Get your Tennengau hiking pass from the tourist office at the Puch municipal office and put the first stamp from the village tour in the collection booklet. Depending on the length and difficulty of your hike, you can purchase one of the 10 Tennengau hiking pins for € 3.50 (children up to 14 years free of charge) at the tourist office.

Dorfrunde Puch - Foto: TVB Puch

TIPP: Infos zu den Wanderwegen in Puch findet Ihr in den Tourenbeschreibungen der interaktiven Tennengauer Tourenkarte!

Agricultural display boards in St. Jakob am Thurn

Discover three of the exciting display boards in St. Jakob am Thurn on the topics of meadows, working cycles and forests! You can find them in the public car park between the "Der Schützenwirt" inn and the clubhouse, very close to the pilgrimage church of St. James the Elder. The boards are right next to the large panorama board on which the hiking trails in Puch are marked and which gives you an overview of the village. This car park is the starting point for many popular hikes in St. Jakob, such as to the Hubertus Chapel on the Schönalm. Take the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating nature and traditional agriculture of our region before you set off on your next hike!

Schautafeln der Landwirtschaft in St. Jakob am Thurn - Foto: TVB Puch

The agricultural display boards: an educational campaign in Salzburg

Local farmer Andrea Hager is delighted that the project has been realised in Puch and St. Jakob: "The display boards raise awareness and promote dialogue with society. We farmers in our country are essential for experiencing the beauty of our landscape. We look after our meadows and forests, produce high-quality food and lovingly look after the animals. I would like to thank the Puch Tourism Association for its decisive realisation and financial support. Without their commitment, the project would not have been possible in this form."

Ortsbäuerin Andrea Hager - Schautafeln der Landwirtschaft - Foto: TVB Puch

Claudia Entleitner, provincial farmer and LK Vice President, also sees great potential in the display boards: "The display boards are set up along highly frequented routes in Salzburg, directly at the farms, or also serve as travelling exhibitions. They support us farmers in our dialogue with society and show the production and economic methods of our local agriculture in a loving and easy-to-understand way."

Further education and cohesion of the Puch farmers' wives

Our farmers know that consumer education begins in childhood. In many places, the Salzburg farmers' wives visit schools and impart agricultural knowledge or pass on their knowledge as seminar farmers on courses. The Puch farmers' wives are also very active and frame local festivals with their home-made delicacies, such as the Puch autumn festival or the Advent market in St. Jakob am Thurn. They also regularly visit the children at the primary schools in Puch and St. Jakob am Thurn on World Food Day and with the "Milk Route" project, where they explain the journey of milk and inspire the children with the topic at a milking station or by making their own butter.

Local farmer's wife Andrea Hager and her committee organise joint events, excursions and courses to promote exchange and good fellowship between the local farmers' wives. For example, some Puch farmers' wives have been taking part in the Salzburg Women's Run for years, hike together with the Oberalm farmers' wives at Almerer every year, visit other farms for further training and cook or do handicrafts together on various courses.

Discover the Salzburg agriculture display boards in Puch!

Visit the free themed trail with the Salzburg agriculture display boards and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of farming traditions and modern agriculture. Discover how our farmers care for nature, produce high-quality food and lovingly look after their animals. Take the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and learn more about the many different aspects of farming. Enjoy the beauty of our local landscape and the tranquillity of the Pucher Au.

TIP: After your walk along the village circuit and onward hike over the Almerberg or along the Salzach, Puch's restaurants are looking forward to your visit!

Before the hike to the agricultural information boards, pick up the child-friendly folder at the Infopoint at the side entrance to Puch Town Hall. There you will also find other free brochures from Puch and the surrounding area, as well as the aforementioned Tennengau hiking pass! Have fun on your hikes in Salzburgerland!

Gemeindeamt mit Tourismusinfo - Foto: TVB Puch

This way to Puch near Salzburg:

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