Puch from above: Spring enjoyment from a bird's eye view

The finest drone shots from Salzburg

by Barbara / 30. Mai 2024 / Nature

Puch bei Salzburg mit Panoramablick - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Above the rooftops of Puch: aerial shots from Salzburgerland

From the holiday season, discover Puch near Hallein from a breathtaking perspective! Our latest drone footage captures the beauty and diversity of this charming community and its surroundings during the warmer months. From the leisure centre to the picturesque landscapes of Urstein and St. Jakob am Thurn to the impressive panoramas of the Salzburg mountains - experience Puch in summer like never before.

Have you seen it yet?

Over the past few years, we have already presented some fascinating insights from a bird's eye view and featured some great photo spots. Click through and enjoy the beautiful views and great shots from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein and Hinterwiestal.

Untersbergblick Puch bei Hallein - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

In this article, we would like to show you the most spectacular aerial shots of spring in Puch and whet your appetite for summer. Let yourself be enchanted by the green splendour of the forests, the glistening expanses of water and the idyllic villages. Our drone photos offer an unrivalled view of well-known and hidden places that will amaze you. So, sit back and enjoy the bird's eye view of sunny Puch and its enchanting surroundings!

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Puch Ort with the parish church and panoramic views of the Salzach Valley

Our journey begins in the heart of Puch, where the historic parish church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary takes centre stage. Seen from the air, the church rises majestically above the village, framed by lush green fields and the rolling hills of the Salzach Valley. This impressive panorama shows the harmonious combination of culture and nature that makes Puch so unique. Enjoy the magnificent view of the Salzach Valley and let yourself be enchanted by the peaceful atmosphere.

Puch bei Salzburg Ort - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

The village centre of Puch with its charming shops, such as the flower shop, pharmacy and tobacconist, as well as the cosy inns, caf├ęs and restaurants, contribute to the inviting and lively atmosphere. The view to the south-west is dominated by the mighty Untersberg, which towers majestically over the landscape and provides an impressive backdrop.

The large municipal car park in the middle of the village is the ideal starting point for numerous hikes, such as up the Almerberg or along the Salzach to Kaltenhausen or Urstein. The easy village circuit takes you, for example, along the Sister Hildegard Trail with the new agricultural information boards to the leisure centre and the FC Puch forest stadium, past a dog meadow. The ideal "after-work loop" or "dog loop" for walking your dog.

TIP: you can find all the route descriptions in our interactive Tennengu tour map or in our printed panoramic map, which you can obtain from the tourist office! The info point at the side entrance with various free brochures is open daily from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm

It's so green in St. Jakob am Thurn

The route continues to St. Jakob am Thurn, a picturesque district just above Puch. Here you have a spectacular view to the south over the pond to the Salzach Valley and the majestic Salzburg mountains. The view of the Untersberg, which rises up in the background, is particularly impressive, as is the view of the city of Salzburg to the north.

St. Jakob am Thurn von oben - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Our drone shots capture the beauty of this landscape and show the castle tower and the idyllic pilgrimage church of St. Jakob in all its splendour. A walk around the pond is a must for all nature lovers and photographers - a hit at any time of year!

This view directly from above of St. Jakob with the Gasthof Der Sch├╝tzenwirt, the small part of the pond, the pilgrimage church with cemetery and the castle tower with enchanting castle garden! You can recognise everything in the picture.

St. Jakob am Thurn von oben - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Leisure centre behind the Waldstadion with panoramic views

Another highlight is the leisure centre behind the FC Puch This green oasis near the Salzach river offers numerous leisure activities and is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike. From a bird's eye view, there is an impressive view of the well-tended sports facilities and the Salzach valley beyond. The combination of sport and nature is perfectly captured in these pictures and shows the diversity that Puch has to offer.

Freizeitanlage und Waldstadion Puch - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Hidden natural spots offer the perfect oasis to relax and take a cosy break on your next hike or cycle tour through Puch. Do you know this beautiful spot between the village circuit and the Tauern cycle path along the Salzach?

Puch Gr├╝ne Oase - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Hinterwiestal with views of the Schlenken and Schmittenstein

The Hinterwiestal valley, which takes you directly to the Wiestal reservoir with the Almbacklamm, is a true paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Our drone shots show the breathtaking landscape with views of the striking peaks of the Schlenken and Schmittenstein. The dense forests and clear streams meandering through the valley create an idyllic backdrop that invites you to linger. These pictures convey the tranquillity and beauty of this unspoilt nature.

Blick ins Hinterwiestal - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

The view above the Eberstein is particularly impressive with the unique panorama from the Salzach Valley and the Zinkenkogel in Hallein over the Untersberg to the city of Salzburg.

Hinterwiestal Panoramablick - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Culture & nature in Puch Urstein

To round off our photographic journey, we head to Puch Urstein, where the Salzach river and Urstein Castle take centre stage. The drone shots offer a spectacular panoramic view of the Salzburg mountains and the K├Ânigseeache as far as over the A10 motorway bridge and into the city of Salzburg. The imposing Urstein Castle towers above the landscape and is framed by the idyllic river landscape of the Salzach. These pictures capture the historical and natural beauty of this special place and show the diversity and richness of the region.

Ursteinsteg Salzach - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Unique views and vistas from Austria!

We are curious: Which drone shots from Puch do you like best? Share your favourites in the comments or on Instagram and let us know which places in Puch you would like to see from a bird's eye view in the future!

I hope I've been able to inspire you to discover Puch and its surroundings for yourself - whether on your own exploratory tours or through the lens of your camera. Immerse yourself in the picturesque world of Puch, capture the special moments and experience the beauty of this unique region in the centre of Salzburgerland up close!

Puch bei Salzburg - Drohne - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Photographer of the drone shots: Michael Kuschei - www.kuschei.art

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