5 photo spots: Salzburg springtime in Puch

Spring stroll amid a beautiful display of flowers

by Barbara / 08. April 2021 / Nature
Frühlingshafter Blick von Puch auf die Barmsteine ©TVB Puch

Spring hike from Puch to Urstein

Springtime in Puch is in full bloom and the warm rays of sunshine spur growth across the meadows. Enjoy the colorful blossoms and most beautiful places in Puch.

Enjoy the marvelous weather as you take a leisurely walk through Puch bei Salzburg. In this article, I will show you precisely where to find the most beautiful places for your spring photos. So, grab your camera and away we go. Starting from the public car park behind the village hall

Tip: All hiking paths with tour descriptions can be found in the interactive Tennengau Touring Map!

Puch Parish Church

In the garden of the old Maurerbauer stands a beautiful forsythia which, in springtime, frames a photo of Puch parish church wonderfully. Behind the church, you will discover a marvelous view of the Untersberg. Sit down for a while on the bench next to the side entrance, enjoying the silence outside the parsonage garden.

Wanderwege ab der Pfarrkirche Puch  ©TVB Puch

Barmstein View

Setting out from the village car park, choose either the "Dorf-Runde" or "Salzachuferweg" and walk along the "Schwester-Hildegard-Weg" in the direction of the senior citizens’ home. Behind it is a big playground where, next to the blossoming trees in front of the play hill, you will be able to snap unique photos of the Barmstein peaks framed by flowers.

Frühling Barmsteine ©TVB Puch

Puch Recreation Area

Before continuing along the marked hiking path, you should definitely schedule a break at the recreation area. A number of benches invite you to pause and enjoy. Here, too, unique pictures of the Barmstein are possible. Truly special: the footbridge over the water with blossoming flowers and grasses and shrubs that seem to grow ever greener.

Freizeitanlage in Puch ©TVB Puch

Spring in Puch Urstein

Continue hiking to the River Salzach and follow signs along the “Tauernradweg” as far as Puch Urstein. The Ursteinsteg bridge provides countless opportunities for that perfect spring photo. From the bike/hiking path, shoot your photo of the Ursteinsteg through the blossoms, against the backdrop of the mighty Untersberg.

When you step onto the Ursteinsteg, you will be treated to unique views of Hallein, the Salzburg mountains as well as Schloss Urstein perched upon the rocks.

Ursteinsteg mit Untersbergblick im Frühling ©TVB Puch

Puch Panorama

From the Ursteinsteg, you can continue hiking or biking past the hydropower station all the way into Salzburg City. At the Ursteinbrücke, however, a path also leads you back to Puch, past the Urstein campus of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and the Urstein train station. This will bring you to the northern entrance into Puch, presenting a unique panoramic view of Salzburg’s mountain world. Always in focus here is Puch parish church, which you may also wish to hike back to.

Frühlingsblick nach Puch  ©TVB Puch

When you pass the parish church, you might want to take a close look at the Roman milestone. Awaiting you in the Late Gothic church is the over 400-year-old Puch Palm Donkey. Learn more about it under "Culture & History".

Römischer Meilenstein  ©TVB Puch

More Hiking Tips & Info

From the town center of Puch, you will also find other beautiful hiking tours leading to the top of the Almerberg into Wiestal, along the Rosenkranzweg to St. Jakob, or even farther, via the Vollererhof to the Schönalm and Erentrudisalm. Also take a look at photos from this spring photo tour from St. Jakob to Wiestal

All photos of the hiking tours in Puch can be found in the interactive Tennengau Touring Map and the Tennengau Hiking Book, which is available from the Puch Tourist Office.

Blick zur Pfarrkirche ©TVB Puch

Do you also like to take photos and you have pictures from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein or Hinterwiestal? Then drop me an E-Mail or link to  @visitpuch on Instagram. We look forward to receiving impressions from your hikes through Puch.

This way to Puch bei Salzburg

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