Photo tour through Salzburg's autumn

Colourful autumn pictures from the Tennengau region

by Barbara / 28. September 2023 / Excursions / Nature
St. Jakob am Thurn im Herbst © TVB Puch

An autumnal spectacle in Salzburgerland: a blaze of colour in Puch near Salzburg.

An autumnal magic settles over Salzburgerland as the leaves turn into a vivid kaleidoscope of red, orange and gold. It is the time of year when photographers and nature lovers alike go into raptures, because autumn in Salzburgerland offers an enchanting variety of motifs. From majestic mountain peaks and glittering lakes, to dense forests and fruit tree meadows, to picturesque vantage points over the city of Salzburg - the stage is set for spectacular autumn pictures.

In this article we take you on a photographic journey of discovery through the autumnal splendour in Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein and Hinterwiestal and tell you where you can take the best autumn pictures. In addition, you will see unique shots from the bird's eye view of Kuscheiart.

TIP: for your tour planning, I recommend the Interactive Tennengau Tour Map! And get your Tennengau Hiking Passport, then you can secure various hiking pins with the stamped tours!

Autumn magic in the heart of Puch: The village in autumn

Panoramablick Puch im Herbst © TVB Puch

Puch in autumn is a time of incomparable beauty and enchanting village life. The village centre, surrounded by a magnificent mountain backdrop and the majestic parish church, is transformed into a picturesque setting at this time of year. Like this view of the Untersberg from the parish church of the Nativity of Mary in Puch.

Blick Untersberg © TVB Puch

A walk through the village of Puch in autumn is like a magical journey through the magnificent natural landscape. The recreational area at the village roundabout offers an opportunity for rest and relaxation, and the autumnal atmosphere invites you to enjoy the beauty of this season.

Freizeitanlage Puch © TVB Puch

So enjoy the golden autumn with us in Puch in Salzburgerland and hike through the wonderful autumn landscape, which shows itself in all its most beautiful colours.

Puch Panorama im Herbst © TVB Puch

Tip: The municipality of Puch invites you to the Pucher Autumn Festival on Sunday, 1 October 2023 from 10.30 am at the municipal office. Drop by and get to know the Puch associations, visit the enjoyment market of the local farmers and enjoy the musical entertainment as well as varied delicacies and games at the Pucher Autumn Festival!

St. Jakob am Thurn - a splendid paradise in the Salzburg autumn

St. Jakob am Thurn im Herbst © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Nature in autumn is a veritable sea of colour. The secret star of this season in Puch is undoubtedly the picturesque pond in St. Jakob am Thurn, which is surrounded by lush greenery. But when autumn arrives, a veritable explosion of colour unfolds here. The leaves of the surrounding trees bathe the pond in a shimmering mosaic of yellow, orange and red tones. The soft reflections of the colourful canopy of leaves on the mirror-smooth surface of the water give the place a fairytale atmosphere.

Weiher in St. Jakob am Thurn © TVB Puch

As you stroll along the lakeside promenade, enjoy the view of the castle tower and the pilgrimage church of St. James the Elder, and you will be enchanted by the warm hues and the soothing sound of the water. Autumn in St. Jakob am Thurn is not only a visual spectacle, but also an invitation to peace and reflection in the midst of nature.

Look at the splendour of colour with a view of the majestic Untersberg, a dreamlike picture in all autumnal hues!

St. Jakob am Thurn im Herbst mit Untersbergblick © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Even from above you can see the colourful trees and bushes in Salzburg's autumn. Do you also recognise where the pilgrimage church of St. James and the castle tower are located? Take a closer look and maybe you'll discover the palace garden, which you've certainly never seen before.

St. Jakob im Herbst von oben © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

A trip to this picturesque place in autumn is like walking through a living painting that shows the beauty of this season in Salzburgerland in all its glory. You can also see autumn in all its glory here with views over the Wäkter to the Schlenken and Schmittenstein.

St. Jakob im Herbst © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Autumn hike above St. Jakob am Thurn

Schlossturm St. Jakob im Herbst © TVB Puch

From the village of St. Jakob you can undertake many beautiful hikes. At the public car park near the club house next to the football pitch and the Schützenwirt inn, you will find a large panel with information about the hiking trails. Enjoy the autumnal views on your hike through Puch or discover the wonderful autumn colours on the hike to Puch via the Rosenkranzweg.

Rosenkranweg © TVB Puch

A little further up, you can also enjoy the view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress in the city of Salzburg - it's amazing how close we are to the city. The fortress seems within reach and the autumnal setting is simply a dream!

Ausblick auf die Stadt Salzburg © TVB Puch

A view of the Untersberg mountain is also a must on a hike in Puch, above St. Jakob am Thurn. Choose the most colourful trees for your frame and get started. A picture is particularly beautiful at sunset, of course, when the leaves are also illuminated by the evening sun!

Herbstblick Untersberg © TVB Puch

The higher you hike, the denser the forests become with their wonderfully colourful autumn colours. Do you recognise the following places at all? Take a closer look, maybe you'll spot a chapel somewhere?

Schönalm im Herbst © TVB Puch - TVB Puch

Yes, exactly! It is the Schönalm with the Hubertuskapelle (Hubertus Chapel) that you can see on the left, very small. A special place of power that is not only appreciated by the Pucher hunters, but is also a popular spot for all those seeking peace and quiet and for hikers.

Schönalm in Puch © TVB Puch

Take a seat on one of the benches and enjoy the view into the distance and the picturesque autumn colours. If you follow the path in the direction of the Wiestal valley, you will get a beautiful view as far as the Schmittenstein and Schlenken!

Ausbick Schönalm - Schmitten - Schlenken © TVB Puch

And perhaps you will meet one or two animals on your hike through Puch, who are also still taking advantage of the sunny Indian summer and enjoying themselves on the lush meadows before winter comes.

Kühe St. Jakob im Herbst © TVB Puch

Tip: on Sunday, 15 October 2023, the Pucher hunters' association invites you to the traditional Hubertus Mass on the Schönalm near the Hubertus Chapel from 11 am. Food and musical entertainment will be provided!

Hubertusmesse auf der Schönalm © TVB Puch

Autumnal splendour in Puch Urstein: unique views and a blaze of colour

Ursteinsteg mit Salzburger Bergwelt © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

When autumn arrives in Puch Urstein, the trees begin to transform into a vibrant sea of colour. The leaves gradually take on shades of gold, red and orange and conjure up a spectacular panorama. The Urstein footbridge offers the ideal vantage point to admire this natural spectacle. Built in 2005, the footbridge next to the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, below the baroque Urstein Castle, offers not only a breathtaking view of the majestic Untersberg, but also a unique autumn view of the surrounding mountains above the Salzach.

Ursteinsteg in Puch Urstein im Herbst © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Urstein Castle towers majestically above the autumnal treetops and lends the scenery an enchanting backdrop.

Schloss Urstein © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Only a few steps away from the Ursteinsteg you will reach the Alte Meierei and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, where the path will also lead you to Urstein Castle. Enjoy the warm rays of the sun in the glorious Indian summer in Salzburgerland on a walk through Puch Urstein.

Alte Meierei © TVB Puch

Anyone travelling on the A10 Tauern motorway and passing Puch knows it well - the imposing motorway bridge with its characteristic arch. But in autumn it shines in a new light and welcomes drivers with the warm colours of this season. The distinctive arch spans the Salzach River and in this picture shows us a picturesque reflection in front of the Puch Urstein hydroelectric power station.

Puch Urstein Autobahnbrücke Herbst © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

A walk along the nearby Königseeache in autumn is a sensory experience where you can fully enjoy the autumnal atmosphere. The Untersberg mountain in the background forms a majestic backdrop for this natural spectacle, making the Königseeache an enchanting place to experience the beauty of autumn in Salzburgerland.

Autobahnbrücke im Herbst Puch © TVB Puch

The Hinterwies Valley and the Wies Valley Reservoir: Autumnal Splendour from Above

Wiestalstausee im Herbst © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

The Hinterwiestal valley and the Wiestal reservoir in autumn are a real feast for the eyes and a paradise for nature lovers and photographers alike. Viewed from above, a colourful palette reveals itself that makes hearts beat faster.

Roana © TVB Puch

From Puch via St. Jakob am Thurn you descend via the "Roana" into Hinterwiestal, which leads to Oberalm and Adnet on the right. If you take the right-hand path along the Alte Wiestalstraße in the direction of Ebenau, you will cross the dam wall, which gives you a breathtaking view of the Wiestal reservoir, especially in autumn.

Wiestal Staumauer im Herbst © TVB Puch

The Wiestal reservoir is nestled in a breathtaking mountain landscape and forms the centre of this idyllic valley. In autumn, the surrounding forests and hills take on a vivid blaze of colour that frames the lake. The glistening water of the reservoir perfectly reflects the autumnal colours and creates an enchanting, almost fairytale-like ambience.

Wiestal Stausee © TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Autumnal highlights in the city: Salzburg's magical season

Stadt Salzburg © TVB Puch

After you have experienced the autumnal splendour of Puch, I would like to give you a special tip for a trip to the city of Salzburg. Because autumn also has its own splendour in the city, which is worth discovering. Salzburg, surrounded by the majestic city mountains, offers a unique atmosphere in autumn. The city awakens to a play of colours in gold and red, while the sun bathes the historic buildings and the Hohensalzburg Fortress in a warm light.

Stadt Salzburg im Herbst © TVB Puch

A walk over Salzburg's city mountains, such as the Kapuzinerberg or the Mönchsberg, allows you to admire the autumnal beauty from above. The vantage points offer breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding mountains, and the scent of falling leaves adds a special freshness to the air.

Ausblick Stadt Salzburg im Herbst © TVB Puch

The Hohensalzburg Fortress, majestically enthroned above the city of Salzburg, is particularly fascinating in autumn. The historic castle, surrounded by trees in warm autumn tones, shines in an enchanting light that makes the atmosphere even more impressive. The contrast between the castle and the autumnal trees gives this landmark a unique and picturesque beauty.

Festung Hohensalzburg © TVB Puch

A trip to the city of Salzburg in autumn is the perfect end to your trip through Salzburgerland. The combination of natural beauty and urban flair makes this time of year a wonderful time to experience the region in all its facets.

Autumn time in Salzburgerland: Book your autumn holiday in Puch near Salzburg!

Experience the magic of autumn in Salzburgerland and discover the incomparable beauty of Puch and its surroundings. Book your next holiday in Puch and share your autumn impressions with us on Instagram under @Visitpuch, so that others can also enjoy the magic of this season to the full. And by the way, did you like the autumn pictures from Puch and the city of Salzburg? Write us in the comments which is your personal favourite picture!

Herbst St. Jakob © TVB Puch

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