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Christmas markets and Advent events in Salzburgerland

by Barbara / 09. November 2023 / Excursions / Event / Tradition
Advent in Puch © TVB Puch

Advent magic in Puch: markets, traditions, concerts and children's delights

There is a magical glow in the air when Advent arrives in Salzburgerland. Our municipality of Puch near Hallein, nestled in the enchanting countryside, will soon be shining in its festive splendour once again and invites locals and visitors alike to enjoy the anticipation of Christmas to the full. In this article, we immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere of Puch near Salzburg and I show you what makes the pre-Christmas period in Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Hinterwiestal and Urstein so unique.

Advent in Puch © TVB Puch

You can find more detailed information on the individual events in our calendar of events at: or directly from the parishes of Puch and St. Jakob. For an overview of all Advent events and Christmas markets in Puch, you can download the PDF here. You can print out the flyer, which also contains an overview of the St. Jakob Advent market, at the Infopoint (side entrance at the municipal office in Puch):

From A - Advent market to Z - The "Zauber" magic of Christmas!

From atmospheric Advent markets and the terrifying tradition of Krampus and St Nicholas to enchanting concerts, special children's events and the opportunity to admire artistically crafted nativity scenes - Puch has something for everyone. Immerse yourself with us in the festive world of Puch near Salzburg and be enchanted by the many events and traditions that make this Advent season so special.

Adventmarkt St. Jakob - Foto: TVB Puch

Read on and discover my 7 reasons why you should visit Puch near Salzburg during Advent! Have fun dreaming ahead and a wonderful, peaceful and contemplative Christmas season to you all! Maybe we'll see you at one of our Advent events or over a mulled wine at the Advent market!

1st Christmas market to make you feel good

Discover the inviting splendour of the weekly Advent market in St. Jakob, where handmade treasures and sweet treats adorn the stalls and the unique supporting programme attracts guests to the idyllic village on Advent weekends. On the first weekend of Advent, the magical Advent bazaar organised by the Puch parish with a nativity scene exhibition invites visitors to get into the spirit of the Advent season. And at the charity mulled wine stand at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Puch Urstein, cosiness meets charity. Get ready to enjoy the pre-Christmas season at our Christmas markets and stalls:

Winter in Puch

Advent bazaar of the parish of Puch

The 1st weekend of Advent traditionally invites you to the Puch parish Advent bazaar. Look forward to an enchanting mix of artistic handicrafts, traditional arts and crafts and delicious treats. The Advent exchange over coffee and cake in the parish centre is particularly popular.

The bazaar opens its doors in the vicarage on Friday, 1 December from 2 to 5 pm and on Saturday, 2 December from 10 am to 4 pm. Among other things, homemade Advent wreaths in various colours and sizes will be on sale. The popular nativity scene exhibition by master nativity scene makers Gabi and Hans Greiseder & friends from the Grippenbauverein Grödig will once again be held in the basement of the parish centre.

Advent market in St. Jakob am Thurn

For over 20 years, the church square has shone in pre-Christmas splendour every Saturday and Sunday in Advent and on 8 December from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Here, in front of the baroque pilgrimage church of St James the Elder, a picturesque Advent market unfolds, enticing all the senses. The festively decorated stalls tempt you with regional delicacies such as fresh farmhouse bread, savoury bosna, hearty bacon, fragrant chestnuts, sweet waffles and warming drinks such as mulled wine and punch. Immerse yourself in the world of homemade craftsmanship, discover inspiring gift ideas for Christmas and be enchanted by the pre-Christmas Advent programme. A pre-Christmas experience that delights the palate and the mind in equal measure!

Adventmarkt St. Jakob © TVB Puch

  • 2. and 3.12 local game specialities and Advent wreath sale
  • Sat, 2.12 at 16.00 Advent wreath dedication
  • Sun, 3.12 at 16.00 Wind ensemble from St. Veit im Pongau
  • Delicacies from the Puch farmers' wives from 8 to 10 December
  • Fri, 8.12 at 17.00 Krampus run of the St. Jakober Weiherteufel
  • Sat, 9.12 from 13.00 to 16.00 Christmas tree sale at the clubhouse, horse-drawn carriage ride from 14.00 and Christmas entertainment from St. Jakob primary school at 16.00
  • Sun, 10.12 at 16.00 Caroline Koller reads contemplative stories, accompanied by the Pucher Hausmusik & Walser Viergesang
  • Sat, 16.12 at 16.00 Advent concert by the Musikum Hallein
  • Sun, 17.12 from 14.00 creative workshop in the Paracelsus School and at 16.00 brass ensemble of the Puch music band
  • Sat, 23.12 at 16.00 shepherds' play by the Catholic youth group and at 17.00 Salzachtaler Weisenbläser brass band
  • Sun, 24.12 no Advent market this year on the 4th Sunday of Advent!
  • Nativity scene exhibition: In the Loretto Chapel, changing nativity scenes by master nativity scene makers Agnes and Toni Höllbacher will be on display every week until the end of the year.
  • Alpaca hikes with the Salzburgland alpacas from Adnet every Sunday from 3.00 to 5.00 pm
The exhibitors & Christmas stands 2023

In the Christmas huts on the church square you will find regional delicacies, handicrafts and weekly changing specialities. At the parish stall you can expect hot and cold drinks, freshly baked waffles, smoked meats from Johann Eibl and fine biscuit mixes from St. Jakober. Bread and sausage specialities from our own farm are available from the Löffelberggut stand. The mulled cider and hot meat loaf rolls from the Elsenhuber family are a special treat. The parents' association once again sells the popular Bosna, as well as cakes and coffee and, of course, hot chestnuts are a must at the Advent market.

In addition, local game specialities are only available on the first weekend of Advent, delicacies from the Puch farmers' wives on the second weekend and all kinds of sweets from Helene Pidlubnyj on the third weekend.

In addition to the Christmas crafts made by the primary school children, there will once again be crocheted items by Katharina Widauer, handicrafts by Margit Lohmaier and enchanting jewellery and fashionable accessories by Anna Kraus.

Further information about the Advent market and the exhibitors:

Adventmart St. Jakob - TVB Puch

The history of the St. Jakob Advent market

Originally set up to finance the new organ, the parish of St. Jakob is proud to have been able to support various social projects at home and abroad with the proceeds from the Advent market for many years. A portion of the proceeds also goes towards the preservation of the baroque church. For over 20 years now, the Advent market has been held every year on the weekend of Advent and on 8 December.

Charity mulled wine stand at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Enjoy the magic of the pre-Christmas period and support a good cause at the charity mulled wine stand at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. From Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 10pm, cosiness and charity come together here as you gather with friends and family over a warming mulled wine. The proceeds go to the children's cancer charity, the butterfly children's charity and the social account of the municipality of Puch.

GlĂĽhweinstand FH Salzburg Advent

Creative Advent market in the Waldstaion

On 25 November, FC Puch offers a pre-Christmas programme for the whole family before the traditional Krampuskränzchen: the doors are open to everyone from 14:00! A small creative Advent market offers the opportunity to purchase Julia's hand-knotted macramé bracelets, handmade earrings, Katharina's creative crochet work for people and animals and Fräulein Stein's creative stone paintings. Cakes, biscuits, chocolates and chocolate fruits from Lurgers Konditorei provide a sweet flavour - mulled wine, chestnuts and much more round off the offer.

From 5.00 p.m., St Nicholas will come for the children, and non-members of the association are also welcome to sign up for the handing out of sacks and the reading. At around 9.00 pm, the wild hustle and bustle of the Pucher Krampusse will start with a spectacular show, but more will not be revealed yet!

Waldstadion FC Puch im Winter

2nd Krampus & St Nicholas: Tradition and customs in Salzburgerland

Original Pucher Krampusse

In Puch near Salzburg, the pre-Christmas period is not only characterised by festive markets and contemplative concerts, but also by a centuries-old tradition that conjures up a touch of mysticism and excitement in the air: St. Nicholas and the Krampus as spooky companions! Around 5 and 6 December, St. Nicholas' sinister companions, the Krampus, appear on the scene to disrupt the village scene with their frightening masks and loud bells. In addition to the traditional St Nicholas celebrations in the parish churches in Puch and St Jakob, the following "St Nicholas & Krampus" events take place in Puch:

  • Saturday, 25 November at 7.00 pm FC Puch Krampuskränzchen with the Original Pucher Krampussen in the Waldstadion
  • Friday, 1 December Visit to the Vinisterium by the Original Pucher Krampuses with St. Nicholas
  • Saturday, 2 December at 3.30 pm Krampus run by the Raptus Pass Hallein & Oberalmer Teufel on Roanaweg in Hinterwiestal
  • Tuesday, 5 December at 7.00 pm traditional Krampus run by the Original Pucher Krampusse in LeitnerstraĂźe
  • Friday, 8 December at 5.00 pm Krampus run of the St. Jakober Weiher devils at the Advent market in St. Jakob am Thurn

In addition, our Krampuspassen from Puch, the original Puch Krampuses, the Puch Auteufel, the St. Jakober Weiherteufel and the Jakobi-Teufel go from door to door and visit the good families at home. Traditional St. Nicholas celebrations in the churches take place on Tuesday, 5 December at 5.00 pm in the parish church of Puch and on Wednesday, 6 December at 5.00 pm in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob.

3rd sounds and stories in Salzburg Advent

The pre-Christmas atmosphere in Puch is artfully underscored by a melody of concerts and readings. Musikum Hallein brings a symphonic note to Advent with an enchanting concert, while Caroline Koller conjures up an atmospheric interplay of words and emotions in the pilgrimage church of St Jakob with her reading. The Puch music band brings a festive sound to the Puch parish church at the traditional church concert, while the young people's play brings the message of Christmas to life.

Kirchenkonzert Musikkapelle Puch

There are also festively framed Christmas carols in the churches, which pave the way to the cot with their contemplative atmosphere. Finally, the brass ensembles at the Advent market are the highlight: Christmas sounds are combined with the scent of mulled wine and gingerbread to create a harmonious overall experience. Immerse yourself in the sonorous world of Puch's Advent events and be enchanted by the diverse performances:

  •  Saturday, 25 November at 7.30 pm Church concert by the Puch music band with the church choirs of the parish of Puch & St. Jakob as well as the Halleiner Liedertafel and the Adneter Singkreis.
  • Sunday, 3 December at 4.00 pm Wind ensemble from St. Veit im Pongau at the Advent market in St. Jakob
  • Monday, 4 December at 7.00 pm Barbara celebration with music and blessing of the branches of St. Barbara in the parish church of Puch
  • Thursday, 8 December at 7.00 a.m. Rorate with the Eberstoa Musi in Puch parish church
  • Saturday, 9 December at 4.00 p.m. Christmas music from the St. Jakob primary school
  • Sunday, 10 December at 4.00 pm Caroline Koller reads contemplative stories, accompanied by the Pucher Hausmusik & Walser Viergesang in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob
  • Saturday, 16 December at 16.00 Advent concert by the Musikum Hallein in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob
  • Sunday, 17 December at 16:00 Wind ensemble of the Puch music band at the Advent market in St. Jakob
  • Saturday, 23 December at 5.00 pm Salzachtaler Weisenbläser at the Advent market in St. Jakob
  • Saturday, 23rd December and Sunday, 24th December at 4.00 pm shepherd's play by the Catholic youth group in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob
  • Sunday, 24 December at 7.00 a.m. Rorate with the Puchwieser Sänger in the parish church of Puch and at 8.30 a.m. festive mass with the Eberstoa Musi in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob

4th Advent for young & old: Come little children!

In Puch near Salzburg, Advent is all about little joys, and there are plenty of magical events for the youngest residents and visitors. Every Sunday in Advent, the little ones can take part in an enchanting alpaca hike at the Advent market or be enchanted by a fairytale horse-drawn carriage ride from a different perspective. The Paracelsus School in St. Jakob offers a creative workshop where children can develop their artistic streak with activities such as candle making.

Alpakas beim Adventmarkt St. Jakob - Foto: TVB Puch

An Heilig Abend wird die Wallfahrtskirche wird zur Bühne für die jungen Talente, wenn die Kinder mit ihrem herzerwärmenden Hirtenspiel die Geschichte von Weihnachten erzählen. Dazu öffnet die Pucher Feuerwehr ihre Tore für das Christkindlwarten, wo Spielestationen und das zur Abholung bereitstehende Friedenslicht für leuchtende Kinderaugen sorgen. So wird der Advent in Puch zu einer magischen Zeit, die nicht nur die Großen, sondern auch die Kleinen in ihren Bann zieht.

  • Saturday, 25 November at 5.00 pm St. Nicholas visits FC Puch (registration for sack distribution possible).
  • Sundays in Advent (2-17 December) from 3-5 pm Alpaca hikes by Salzburgland Alpacas from Adnet at the St. Jakob Advent market
  • Tuesday, 5 December at 5.00 pm St. Nicholas celebration in the Puch parish church
  • Tuesday, 5 December at 19.00 Children's Krampuses at the Krampus run of the Original Pucher Krampuse in LeitnerstraĂźe
  • Wednesday, 6 December at 5.00 pm St. Nicholas' Day celebration at St. Jakob primary school in the pilgrimage church
  • Saturday, 9 December from 2.00 p.m. Horse-drawn carriage rides at the St. Jakob Advent market and at 4.00 p.m. there will be Christmas entertainment from the St. Jakob primary school
  • Sunday, 17 December from 2.00 pm Creative workshop at the Paracelusus School St. Jakob (at the SchĂĽtzenwirt)
  • Saturday, 23rd and Sunday, 24th December at 4.00 pm Shepherd's play by the Catholic youth group in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob
  • Sunday, 24 December from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Christkindlwarten with fun game stations at the Puch fire station
  • Sunday, 24 December at 16:00 Crib celebration for children in the parish church of Puch

5th cot viewing during Advent

Amidst the festive hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas period, the nativity scene holds a special place in the heart of tradition. A timeless symbol of the Christmas story, the nativity scene reminds us that the true miracle of the season lies in simplicity and unconditional love. The skilfully crafted figures of Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the shepherds and the three wise men take us on a contemplative journey as they celebrate the birth of Christ. The nativity scene becomes a lively place of learning where children playfully learn about the meaning of Christmas. By interacting with the figures, they develop an understanding of the traditions and values of this festive season.

Kripperl schauen TVB Puch

Die Weihnachtskrippe ist nicht nur ein kunstvolles Handwerk, sondern auch eine Quelle der Inspiration und der Gemeinschaft. Ihr Anblick verbindet Generationen und schafft eine Atmosphäre der Ruhe und Einkehr. In vielen Gemeinden, so auch in Puch, wird das Aufstellen von Krippen zu einer liebgewonnenen Tradition. Sie dient nicht nur als Dekoration, sondern als Sinnbild für die Werte von Mitgefühl, Frieden und Hoffnung, die die Weihnachtszeit verkörpert.

The magic of nativity scenes:Tradition, art and a contemplative journey through time

In this context, the nativity scene exhibitions in the parishes of Puch and St Jakob provide a unique opportunity to experience the diversity and creativity of this tradition.Each scene depicted not only tells the story of the birth of Christ, but also of the artistry and dedication of those who create these enchanting miniature worlds. Immerse yourself in the magic of the nativity scene and be enchanted by its timeless beauty.

Nativity scene viewing in Puch:

  • Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December: cot exhibition by master cot makers Gabi and Hans Greiseder & friends from the Grödig cot makers' association at the Puch parish Advent bazaar
  • St. Jakob Advent market: weekly changing nativity scenes by master nativity scene makers Agenes and Toni Höllbacher in the Loretto Chapel at the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob
  • Nativity scene in the Puch parish church at the side altar all day from 15 December to 2 February at Candlemas
  • Christmas cot in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob can be viewed from 23 December to 2 February (Candlemas) before and after the festive masses at the right side altar
  • Christmas cot at the Hotel Gasthof Kirchenwirt at reception

6 Advent wreaths: symbols of anticipation and contemplative tradition

The Advent wreath, a timeless symbol of anticipation, heralds the festive season and creates an atmosphere of contemplation. The four candles, lit week after week, symbolise the approach of Christmas and herald the arrival of light in the darkness. It is not only the decorative charm that makes the Advent wreath a festive centrepiece, but also its deep symbolic meaning. In Puch bei Salzburg, the local parishes not only have a selection of lovingly designed Advent wreaths for sale, but also offer special Advent wreath consecrations. These blessed ceremonies invite you to welcome the coming of Christmas in a spiritual setting.

  • Advent wreath sale in St. Jakob on 2 and 3 December at the St. Jakob Advent market from 14:00-19:00.
  • Advent wreath sale of the Puch parish on 1 and 2 December at the Advent bazaar
  • The Advent wreath blessings will take place on Saturday, 2 December in the pilgrimage church of St. Jakob at 4.00 pm and in the parish church of Puch at 5.30 pm, as well as at the Liturgy of the Word on Sunday, 3 Deceat 10.00 am in Puch

Adventkranz - TVB Puch

Advent wreaths from a florist or homemade?

For a particularly individual touch and a wide selection of sizes, shapes and styles, it's worth visiting Blumenwerk Helga. Here you will not only find beautiful Advent wreaths, but also festive decorative items and beautiful flowers for the Christmas season. Be inspired by the variety and immerse yourself in the festive world of Advent wreaths. And if you would like to make your own Advent wreath, you can find the instructions for "Making and decorating an Advent wreath" here in PUCH MAGAZINE.

7th online anticipation: The Pucher Advent calendar opens up new surprises every day!

For an extra dose of anticipation and festive sparkle, open the digital doors of the PUCHER ADVENT CALENDAR again from 1 December at and on Instagram unter @visitpuch. Christmas tips and impressions from Puch await you here every day to make the pre-Christmas period even more unique. But that's not all - the Advent calendar also offers the chance to win fantastic prizes every day, such as a Carrera racetrack and Puch VOUCHERS for entry to the Salwelten Salzburg and Aqua Salza Golling and much more, which will be raffled off after Stefanie on 26 December.

Let yourself be seduced by the digital magic and discover the festive surprises that await you behind every little door. A magical way to experience the Advent season in Puch online and get in the mood for the festive season!


Experience the magic of Advent in Puch in Salzburgerland!

Hey, pre-Christmas joy awaits you here in Puch near Salzburg! From cosy Advent markets to terrifying Krampus runs, the Advent season comes alive here. Listen to the contemplative sounds of the concerts, discover the artistic nativity scenes and let the little ones shine at the exciting children's events. And don't forget - get yourself a festive Advent wreath to bathe your home in cosy light.

And for digital surprises - check out the Pucher Advent calendar! Every day there are not only tips, but also the chance to win cool prizes. And don't forget to check out Instagram @visitpuch, where you'll not only get the latest information about the events, but also more Advent tips from the Tennengau region, fantastic pictures and reviews of the unique Christmas season here in Salzburgerland. Experience Advent in Puch in all its festive splendour and be enchanted by the anticipation of Christmas!

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