Puch from above: Aerial photos from a bird's eye view

Extraordinary views of the Tennengau region all the way to the city of Salzburg

by Barbara / 02. Juni 2022 / Excursions / Nature

Panorama Puch Untersbergblick ©TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

You"ve never seen Puch near Salzburg like this before!

You don"t know where Puch is exactly or how far it really is from the city of Salzburg and Hallein? In order to show you the unique location of Puch and some of our hidden places, we as the Puch Tourism Association are constantly taking aerial photos for you with the drone, which I would also like to show you here in the Puch Magazine. As a social media user, you may have already seen a few shots on Instagram or Facebook, but not everything has been shown there yet, or only parts of it! So read on and get the best views of the Salzach Valley, the Untersberg and from the Tennengebirge to the city of Salzburg.

Urstein Puch ©TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

The Puch Parish Church and Urstein Castle as anchor points

In order to be able to orientate oneself well in aerial photographs, fixed anchor points are important! In Puch it is definitely the parish church, which shines in the middle of the village. In Puch Urstein, in addition to the Ursteinsteg and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Urstein Castle is a prominent point for orientation.

Puch Panorama ©TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

Look at the proximity to the city of Salzburg in the pictures above and below! The Salzach flows directly into Salzburg on the edge of Puch under the Ursteinsteg and the motorway bridge. In addition, the S-Bahn railway line takes you from the two stations in Puch and Urstein to Salzburg"s main station in just a few minutes.

Did you know that?
Our Urstein Castle is exactly 10 kilometres away from the Hohensalzburg Fortress!

Even if the fortress is not always clearly visible in the photos and likes to hide behind Hellrunner Berg near Salzburg Zoo, the city of Salzburg is within easy reach and especially for your excursions to the sights in the city of Mozart. As guests, you can even use the bus and train for free. Get the TennengauerPLUS Card directly from your hosts and off you go!

Urstein Puch ©TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

In this photo you can also see very well the distance from the Urstein campus of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in the bottom right corner, with the Alte Meierei and Urstein Castle to the Ursteinsteg and the motorway bridge just before the hydroelectric power station. There the path leads across the Salzach to Anif or directly to the forest swimming pool with climbing park.

Ursteinsteg ©TVB Puch – Kuscheiart

The reflection of the mountains at Ursteinsteg is also a special sight. But you have to get up early and wait for the right moment. The reflection can only be seen so sharply in the water for a few minutes at sunrise.

View into the Salzach Valley as far as the Tennengebirge mountains.

Just like the Mozart city of Salzburg, the Celtic city of Hallein is only a stone"s throw away from Puch. As the northernmost municipality of the Hallein district and the Tennengau region, our aerial photos show you a fantastic view of the entire Tennengau Salzach Valley and the Tennengebirge mountains! In the picture you can see the sunrise over Puch above the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Puch Urstein and enjoy the radiant Salzburg mountains in the early morning. On the right, Urstein Castle hides a little in the forest and the Salzach flows quietly along.

Puch FH Salzburg ©TVB Puch – Kuscheiart

Our local mountain in all its glory!

Hallein in the north, Salzburg in the south and in between? Exactly! The popular Untersberg! You will often find the 70 km² long mountain massif in our Instagram picture gallery as a popular motif.

Untersberg ©TVB Puch – Kuscheiart

360° Puch Panorama

Isn"t this panorama fantastic? The Salzburg mountains seem close enough to touch! In summer, you can see the rails of the toboggan run on the Zinken in Hallein-Bad Dürrnberg glistening in the sun from afar and the unique Barmsteine present themselves as a striking point in our neighbouring community of Oberalm. In addition, you can see the Gasthof Pension David in its idyllic location in the countryside just a few minutes away from the centre of Pucher.

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You can see the whole Puch panorama in the new 360° video! The view stretches from the Tennengebirge mountains over the town of Hallein in the Salzach Valley and the mighty Untersberg mountain to the Hohensalzburg Fortress in the city of Mozart. In addition, you can see other points such as the centre of Puch with the Gothic parish church, Urstein with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and the Baroque castle, and also where the districts of St. Jakob am Thurn and Hinterwiestal are hiding!

TIP: You can find more videos from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein and the Hinterwiestal, as well as selected shots from all over the Tennengau and Salzburgerland in our Youtube-channel  and in the video-gallery.

The village centre of Puch bei Salzburg

The aerial photos show us not only wide views but also great insights into the village! From the public car park you can reach the parish church, the tourist office in the municipal office, the  Hotel Gasthof Kirchenwirt or the Süsserei by Theresa Jahoda in no time! Via Grubenbauernweg you can also reach the Vinisterium and the Bio-Bäckerei Pföss next to the bank and the Arnika pharmacy in a few minutes.

The car park in the middle of the village is also the ideal starting point for numerous hikes, such as to the Almerberg or along the Salzach to Kaltenhausen or Urstein. The easy village loop takes you, for example, along the Schwester Hildegard Weg to the recreational area and the FC Puch, forest stadium, past a dog meadow. The ideal "after-work round" or "dog round" for walking.

TIP: all directions can be found in our interactive Tennengau tour map or in our printed panorama map, which you can get at the tourist office! The info point at the side entrance with various free brochures is open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.!

Puch Ort ©TVB Puch – Kuscheiart

St. Jakob am Thurn in autumn

We have already taken some extraordinary pictures in autumn last year. Or have you ever seen St. Jakob like this before? The bright colours of the trees alone make it a unique sight. Add to that the never-before-seen view of Puch, Urstein and the surrounding mountains - simply WOW!

St. Jakob Luftaufnahmen ©TVB Puch – Kuscheiart

A special sight, however, is this picture directly on top of the pond from the left with the inn  Der Schützenwirt, the pilgrimage church and the castle tower with its fairytale castle garden! Or would you have recognised our little village immediately?

St. Jakob am Thurn von oben ©TVB Puch – Kuscheiart

Unique views and vistas from Austria!

Which view do you like best? The view of the city of Salzburg, the Untersberg or the view of the Salzburg mountains in the direction of the Salzach valley? Or do you like the views directly of Puch best? Write us in the comments, we look forward to hearing from you!

Photographer of the drone shots: Michael Kuschei - www.kuschei.art

Hier geht´s nach Puch bei Salzburg

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