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by Barbara / 01. Juni 2023 / Excursions / Nature
Tennengauer Wanderpass © TVB Puch

On the hunt for hiking points in Salzburgerland

Do you like hiking and are you already familiar with our new Tennengau Hiking Pass? With the Tennengau Hiking Passport, all hikers and nature lovers - both guests and locals - have the opportunity to hike through our beautiful Salzburg mountains, collect points by stamping and secure various hiking pins!

Tennengauer Wanderpass Nadeln © TVB Puch - Gerber

In the next few lines you will find out exactly how collecting points works and how you can get the various Tennengau hiking pins in bronze, silver and gold. I also have a few hiking tips from Puch and the region for you, so that you can start collecting stamps straight away.

Puch hiking trails to collect hiking pins

Come to Puch and enjoy the pleasant hiking trails along the Salzach to Puch Urstein, through the village to the leisure centre, to St. Jakob am Thurn to the idyllic pond or over the Almerberg into the Wiestal to the Wiestal reservoir to the Hubertus Chapel on the Schönalm.

Ursteinsteg in Puch Urstein © TVB Puch

You can hike eight signposted hiking trails in Puch and stamp points for your hiking needle collection:

  1. On the Rosenkranz Trail from Puch to St. Jakob am Thurn - 3 points.
  2. On the Almen-Tour via the Schönalm to Elsbethen to the Fageralm and Erentrudisalm - 10 points
  3. On the Almerberg circular route to Oberalm - 8 points
  4. On the Salzachuferweg from Puch via the Ursteinsteg and the technical college to Puch Urstein - 6 points
  5. On the path to the Hubertus Chapel on the Schönalm - 4 points
  6. At the Wiestal round to the Wiestal reservoir - 5 points
  7. On the panorama trail to the maple tree natural monument - 6 points
  8. For the village round to the recreational facility and dog meadow - 2 points

Click on the picture to go directly to the tour descriptions on the interactive Tennengau tour map!

Wanderwege in Puch © TVB Puch

Or get the Puch panorama map with all the hikes and cycle routes free of charge at the Infopoint at the Puch tourist office or here at the brochures for free download!

Tourismusbüro im Gemeindeamt Puch © TVB Puch

Tip: The information point of the Puch Tourist Association at the municipal office with lots of free information material from Salzburg, Tennengau, Puch & surroundings is open daily from 8.00-20.00 hrs.

What is the Tennengau Hiking Pass?

The Tennengau Hiking Pass is a kind of bonus programme for hikers, introduced by our Tennengau Tourism Region in cooperation with all 14 towns in the Salzach Valley and Lammer Valley. With the hiking pass, hikers can collect stamps while undertaking various hikes in the region. Each stamp represents a particular hike or hiking trail and has a set number of points. There are different levels of difficulty and lengths of the hikes, so that both beginners and experienced hikers can find suitable routes.

Tennengauer Wanderpass © TVB Puch

Where can I get the Tennengau Hiking Pin?

After a certain number of points have been achieved through the various hiking stamps, you can purchase the appropriate hiking pin at the tourist offices in the Tennengau for 3.50 euros each. Children up to the age of 14 receive their hiking pin free of charge.

First hiking pin collected at the Puch Tourist Office

We were very pleased to be able to hand out the first bronze hiking pin to Mrs. Flora Platzer this year and wish her continued fun collecting hiking points in the Tennengau Hiking Pass.

Tennengauer Wandernadeln - Infopoint TVB Puch

You can then collect the hiking pins at home or put them on a waistcoat or hat. Our first hiking pin has already found a place on the Schuhplattler hat of the Trachtenverein D`Puachstaona, where other badges from various festivals and outings can already be found on it!

Tennengauer Wanderpass Trachtenhut ©TVB Puch

So get your free Tennengau Hiking Pass from your landlord or at the tourist office and don't forget to collect the stamps on your next hike. If you already know all our hiking trails in Puch or are looking for new hiking destinations in Salzburg, I have a few hiking tips for you from the Tennengau below.

6 tour tips to collect points from Salzburg's Tennengau region

Our enjoyment and adventure region Tennengau consists of 14 villages between the city of Salzburg and the Dachstein and is a breathtaking region for hiking enthusiasts. With its diverse landscape and imposing mountain peaks, this area offers numerous opportunities for unforgettable hiking tours.

The majestic mountains, such as the Tennengebirgsstock and the Dachstein, attract outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. The well-marked hiking trails with yellow signs lead through idyllic valleys, to numerous sights, along rushing rivers and to picturesque alpine pastures. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or a leisurely walker, there are routes in the Tennengau to suit every taste and fitness level.

From the over 150 marked hiking routes in the Tennengau, I show you here my 6 tips for your next hiking tour in Salzburg:

1. Kuchl: Purtschellerhaus (16 points)

To visit one of the 11 varied hiking tours in Kuchl, it is recommended to take the S-Bahn from Puch, which is free for holidaymakers with the TennengauerPLUS Card. With the medium-difficulty hiking tour to the Purtschellerhaus, you have already reached half the points for the first Bronze Hiking Pin (30 points). From the Kuchl railway station or the Bürgerausee car park you hike at the foot of the Hoher Göll for around four and a half hours via Gasteig, the "Schöne Aussicht" guesthouse and the Dürrfeichtenalm (partly very steep ascent) to the Purtschellerhaus. The stamp station is at the Purtschellerhaus, which offers regional delicacies and overnight accommodation (for the Hohen Göll ascent). The tour is very demanding and exposed to the sun.

Tip from TVB Kuchl: The BĂĽrgerausee lake in Kuchl offers a well-deserved cooling off. Relax directly at the lake after this tour or fortify yourself at the kiosk at the lake!

Click here for more information on the tour "Kuchl: Purtschellerhaus (16 Punkte)"

2. Annaberg-Lungötz: Hay Figure Trail (8 points)

Annaberg has 17 hiking tours to collect stamps. One tour that is popular with the whole family is the Hay Figure Trail, which is also one of the top excursion destinations in the Tennengau. From Annaberg you walk along the Reinischweg past the Gererhof local history museum through the forest to the Salzburg Dolomitenhof. Along the hay figure trail, numerous sculptures from past Lammertal hay-making festivals, such as the hay worm Luan, the Dachsteinweiberl, the Skihaserl or the legendary Kopflackenmann have found their home. The path from the centre of the village to the legendary Kopflackenmann is about 3 km long and suitable for prams. Afterwards, almost 200 steps lead to the summit of the Kopfberg power mountain, where St. Anna, the patron saint of the village, welcomes you in the midst of a mystical enchanted forest.

Tip from TVB Annaberg-Lungötz: The blue course of the "Gaudi Golf" is partly located on the hay figure path. Get your wooden clubs and balls (€ 6,- adult / € 4,- child) at the Dolomitenhof  and start your unique mini-golf game during a leisurely hike through the forest in the Lammertal.

Click here for more information on the "Heufigurenweg in Annaberg (8 Punkte)"

3 Krispl-Gaissau: Roman Circular Trail (4 points)

You can hike 10 different tours registered in the Tennengau Hiking Pass in the Krispl-Gaissau hiking area. The Römer-Rundweg takes you from the Lasserbauer in Gaissau via the mountain station of the curved lift to the Latschenalm. Along the 9-kilometre-long circular trail you can see many red stone slabs that, according to a story, were laid there by the Romans. From the Latschenalm you walk for about 20 minutes to the Wieserhörndl summit, where you will also find the stamp for the hiking pass. Return along the 4-seater chairlift and then the curved lift to the Lasserbauer. Here, in the last third, you come directly to the new forest adventure trail.

Translated with DeepL

Tip from TVB Krispl-Gaissau: Come to the opening party of the forest adventure trail on Sunday, 4 June 2023 from 10.00 am. Fun puzzles and play stations await you in the middle of the forest, a water playground and much more!

4th Bad Vigaun: Theme trail "Lebensader Taugl" (3 points)

A river, a forest, a protected area - this is what awaits you on the almost 5-kilometre-long circular trail of the Lebensader Taugl in Bad Vigaun, one of the seven signposted hiking trails in Bad Vigaun. The theme trail, which is open all year round, invites you to hike, swim and linger on 50 hectares in the Natura 2000 protected area. Anyone who visits the Taugl lifeline will realise quite quickly how good untouched nature can do - no matter how big or small, young or old you are. Children especially love the spacious playground. The stamps for the hiking pass are available at the Bad Vigaun tourist office during opening hours. Please note: between 1 April and 31 July you are not allowed to enter the central area of the river. Birds breed here in the nature reserve and need plenty of undisturbed space.

Tip from TVB Bad Vigaun: after a hike through the Tauglbach or on the Schlenken, the sauna area and thermal water of the Heiltherme Bad Vigaun provide relaxation.

Click here for more information on the "Bad Vigaun - Themenweg "Lebensader Taugl" (3 Punkte)"

5 Abtenau: Postalm circular trail 1 (4 points)

In the hiker's paradise of Abtenau, 26 hiking trails await you to collect stamps. 5 of them are on the Postalm, the largest alpine pasture area in Austria. A popular tour is the Postalm Circular Trail 1, which takes you through the alpine pasture area for 3 hours. From the Lienbachof via the Rettenegg Hut, past below the Braunedelkogel along to the Moosbergsattel, via the Moosbergalmen, AuĂźerlienbachalm, the RosserhĂĽtte and the Almboden, you hike 9.3 kilometres with a magnificent panorama. Stamp stations for this tour are located at the Braunedelkogel and at the Moosbergsattel.

Tip from TVB Abtenau: The Postalm can be reached via the toll road "Postalm Panoramastraße" from Abtenau. Twice a week in the summer months, the Postalm is also served by the hiking bus. Timetables and information are available from the Abtenau Tourist Office.

Here you can find more information about the "Postalm Rundweg 1".

6. Adnet: Marble Trail (4 points)

The theme trail through the Adnet quarries is about 3.5 kilometres long and starts at the marble museum or at the large car park behind the vicarage. The educational trail is well signposted and information boards along the way explain the special features surrounding the quarrying of the stone. At the end of the trail, at the WandschĂĽtzenhĂĽtte, you will be rewarded with an enchanting panoramic view of Adnet and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Tip from TVB Adnet: visit the 13 adventure stations of "Fit und Bewegt" on the Marmorweg in Adnet. But it's not just children who get their money's worth here, adults also enjoy the outdoor fitness park or linger in the pavilion of the Kneipp facility.

Click here for more information on the  "Adneter Marmorweg".

Interactive Tennengau Hiking Map with all Hiking Routes

In addition to my 6 hiking tips from the Tennengau and the 8 hiking trails in Puch, you'll find all the other hiking trails and cycle routes from the Tenenngau in the interactive Tennengau hiking map from Outdooractive. Simply click on the hiking map and find the next tour for your hikes in Salzburgerland.

Tennengauer Tourenkarte - Foto: Outdoor Active

Discover natural beauty: Hiking in Salzburg's Tennengau

Discover the incomparable beauty of Salzburg's Tennengau while hiking and experience nature up close. Whether alone, with friends or family - here you are guaranteed to find the perfect hiking tour for unforgettable moments and endless memories.

Tip: many hikes take you past the top excursion destinations in the Tennengau, such as the Gollinger Waterfall, the summer toboggan run on the DĂĽrrnberg and the Karkogel or the Lammerklamm gorge in Scheffau. Get an overview here under "Places of interest in the Tennengau"!

After an eventful hike, you can stop off at the cosy mountain huts on the alpine pastures and sample regional delicacies. From hearty cheese spaetzle made from Tennengauer Almkäse to sweet Kaiserschmarrn - the regional cuisine of the Tennengau will spoil you.

Wiestalstausee - Foto: TVB Puch

Reward your wanderlust: collect hiking badges in the Tennengau

Have fun collecting stamps and hiking with us in Puch and throughout Salzburg's Tennengau! Immerse yourself in fascinating nature, breathe the fresh mountain air and let yourself be enchanted by the picturesque landscapes. Enjoy every step of your hike and collect unforgettable memories as well as your hiking points in the Tennengau Hiking Pass.

Show us your hiking tour

We would be delighted to share your hiking adventures with you! Feel free to send us your best pictures from the tours and tag us on Instagram so we can share your enthusiasm. Link us @visitpuch and share your adventures with the world.

So lace up your hiking boots, pack your rucksack and get ready for unforgettable hikes in Salzburgerland. Nature is calling for you - let's explore the beauty of this region together! And if you also have hiking tips for collecting stamps in the Tennengau, feel free to write a comment below with your recommendations.

Tennengauer Wanderpass © TVB Puch

Here you can go hiking in Puch bei Hallein:

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