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by Barbara / 27. Januar 2022 / Excursions

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Great ideas for an unforgettable holiday in Salzburg

Do you actually know what a bucket list is? Translated from English, it could also be called "Spoon List", as in the well-known film "The Best Comes to Last" (2007 with Morgan Feeman and Jack Nickelson). The "to-do list for life" is therefore simply a "list of things you absolutely have to do before you die." From simple things like baking a cake to crazy things like going naked skiing, there are There are also items that can take a little longer, such as restoring an old car. Such a list is also alive, is constantly being added to and fulfilled points are ticked off.

I have summarized everything you can put on your bucket list about Puch or what you can experience here in Salzburg"s Tennengau in 15 points with many tips for implementation.

TIP: at the end there is a free bucket list for your Salzburg holiday in Puch that you can download directly! To chop off and add to!

15 ideas for your bucket list for Puch near Salzburg and the surrounding area

My Salzburg Bucket List should inspire you and encourage you to experience things that you may not have thought of or didn"t even know were possible in our area. So let"s go, maybe you can already tick off a few points? If you have any other ideas, just write them in the comments - I"m looking forward to your planned to-do"s! Have fun planning and making a list!

1#schiffalfahren - Take a ship across a lake or river!

Explore the world on the waterway and get to know our beautiful surroundings from a new perspective! Here you can enjoy beautiful hours by the water - also all year round:

  • Boat trip - City of Salzburg: Discover the city of Salzburg from April to October with the panorama ship "Amadeus Salzburg" or with the unique amphibious bus.
  • Bavarian Lakes Shipping: The closest of the four lakes - the K√∂nigsee - can be reached in 30 minutes by car from Puch. Visit the world-famous pilgrimage church of St. Bartholom√§ all year round by electric boat and enjoy the emerald-green water in the majestic surroundings.
  • Seenland Schifffahrt: MWith the ship "Seenland" you can enjoy the lake landscape of Mattsee and Obertrumer See from May to October.
  • ¬†In the Salzkammergut, the¬†Zillenschifffahrt¬†on the Fuschlsse is very popular from May to October and a trip with the Wolfgangseeschifffahrt is very popular all year round.

2#almkäse - make Tennengauer Almkäse yourself!

Here in Tennengau, ENJOYMENT and REGIONALITY are very important. Numerous awards, the high quality of the products and the passion of the producers characterize the popular Tennengauer Almkäse aus. But you can not only buy the Tennengauer Almkäse from the Almkäserei, enjoy it on the KäseAlmen and in the gourmet inns, you can also make it yourself here:

Tip: Do you want to give pleasure as a gift? The Tennengau pleasure vouchers can be redeemed at over 40 pleasure partners, such as here in Puch at the Kirchenwirt and in the Vinisterium and are available at the Puch tourist office!

3#mountain hike - On a mountain, hike (walk)!

Do you also dream of standing at a summit cross? Here are a few tips on how you can force the fastest summits from Puch:

  • The Untersberg:¬†Click here for the hiking map of summit tours. You want it more comfortable? From February 18th, 2020 the Untersbergbahn¬†will be in operation again and will take you to the mountain station at an altitude of 1,776 m.
  • The Trattberg: A small hiking paradise awaits you around the summit at an altitude of 1758 m with a wonderful view as far as Puch. The 9 km long Trattberg Panorama Road leads from St. Koloman. The Enzianh√ľtte¬†is also open in winter for ski tourers and snowshoe hikers.
  • Salzburger City mountains: not so high, but priceless views of the city and the Hohensalzburg Fortress await you from the M√∂nchsberg and Kapuzinerberg. Read more about it in my PUCH MAGAZIN article "Discover Salzburg"s city mountains".
  • In Puch you come to a small summit cross on the Eberstein, on the Almerberg and on the M√ľhlstein. Here is the tour description.

4#wasserfalls - let yourself be sprinkled by a waterfall!

Waterfalls are among the most impressive natural spectacles. The fine drizzle is good for the respiratory tract and provides cooling, especially on warm summer days. You could visit these waterfalls in Salzburg:

5#experience the Middle Ages - Conquer a castle or chateau!

Embark on an exciting journey through time to the Middle Ages and discover the castles and palaces in SalzburgerLand:

  • Puch Castles: Puchstein Castle, the castle tower in St. Jakob am Thurn and Urstein Castle are all privately owned and can be viewed from the outside on a walk through Puch.
  • ¬†Discover the unique¬†Salzburg castles & places: Hohensalzburg Fortress, Hohenwerfen Castle and Mauterndorf Castle. There you can experience the Middle Ages up close and impressive museums, events and a bird of prey show in Werfen await you.
  • Golling Castle: The museum shows the natural and cultural history of Golling. The castle is also popular for events such as weddings or seminars

6#tobogganing - whizzing down the mountain on a toboggan!

Whether in summer or in winter, a toboggan ride is always fun! Here you can go clearing near Puch:

  • Zinkenlifte Bad D√ľrrnberg: rom May to October you can whiz down the mountain on the summer toboggan run. In winter you can rent snow tubing tires in the Zinki children"s ski area:
  • The Karkogel in Abtenau is not called the "moving mountain" for nothing. In both summer and winter, the cable car takes you to the mountain station, where you can whiz down on the summer toboggan run or on a wooden sled. Tip: try one of the fun devices!
  • Woody bobsleigh run in St. Martin am Tennengebirge: the year-round roller bobsleigh run can be used in all weathers (supplement 2023)

7#shopping - Go shopping!

What could be nicer than spending money (if you have it). Make yourself and others happy and stroll comfortably from shop to shop. Here you can go on a leisurely shopping tour in Salzburg:

  • Salzburg. the city of Mozart: ¬†not only the world-famous Getreidegasse in the old town of Salzburg, but also the Linzergasse on the other side of the Salzach and many other streets and squares invite you to stroll and shop in Salzburg.
  • Celtic city of Hallein: the charming shopping city offers an enchanting ambience with its historic buildings and makes every shopping tour a special experience.
  • Shoppingcenter:¬†If you prefer it indoors, you"ve come to the right place in the Shopping Arena¬†on Alpenstra√üe, in Europark Salzburg or¬† in Forum 1 ¬†at Salzburg"s main train station.¬†

8#kirchen - Attend a service in a Salzburg church!

For believers, regular church attendance is simply part of it and they don"t want to do without it even on vacation. In addition, it is simply interesting how the masses are organized in other parish churches! There is a church in every village in Salzburg, which you can also visit outside of church service times. These await you in the immediate vicinity:

9#flyingfox - Fly over the water with a Flying Fox!

It is a very special experience when you fly over the water hanging on a rope. This is possible near Puch bei Salzburg:

  • From May to October you can fly over the flowing Salzach with the Flying Fox at the Salzach√∂fe n Adventure Gorge in Golling after a guided tour through the impressive Salzach Gorge.
  • At the climbing park in the Anif forest pool, you can quickly complete the course with the¬†"Speed-Flying-Fox" rope slide.

Erlebnisschlucht Salzachöfen ©TVB Golling

10#regionaleinkaufen - Buy regional products at a farmer"s market!

Salzburg is known for its good food, made from the best seasonal and regional products. If you don"t know where you can get the products directly from the Salzburg farmer"s farm, the best thing to do is to visit one of the popular farmers" markets around Puch:

  • Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon there is a ¬†farmer¬īs market with home-made cheese products, meat and sausage products, fruit, vegetables, bread (from the Moosbauer farm in Puch), fish etc. at the agricultural technical school at the Winklhof in Oberalm.
  • The Hiking Market offers regional food and handcrafted products directly from the producer every Saturday. The market changes location weekly between Golling, Kuchl, St. Koloman and Scheffau.
  • Probably the best-known weekly market - the Schranne - has been held at Mirabellplatz in Salzburg since 1906.
  • LThere is also a lively market activity every Saturday morning at the Gr√ľnmarkt am Kornsteinplatz in Hallein.
  • You can get regional and homemade products around the clock from the 24-hour machine at Moosbauer in Puch.

11#nationalpark - Visit a national park!

Rushing glacial streams, spacious alpine pastures and crystal-clear mountain lakes are just three of the many reasons why you should visit a national park. You can visit two national parks near Puch near Salzburg:

  • Berchtesgaden National Park: High mountains, deep valleys and crystal-clear mountain rivers characterize the protected area right on the border with Austria. As the third highest mountain in Germany, the Watzmann (2,713 m) towers over the Berchtesgadener Land. You can get all the helpful information in the national park center ¬†"Haus der Berge" bekommt Ihr alle hilfreichen Informationen.
  • The Grossglockner (3,798m) is Austria"s highest mountain in the Hohe Tauern National Park in the heart of the Eastern Alps. The National Park Center in Mittersill is recommended as the first port of call.

12#sport - Try a new sport!

Get out of the comfort zone and let"s go. Sport is healthy - sport is adventure! No matter what you are looking for or what you want to try, borrow the equipment for the first time and see if you like the new sport at all. You can try something new here:

13#celt salt - Learn more about the Celts and salt!

About 750 BC The Celts began mining salt on the D√ľrrnberg in Hallein. The salt wealth of the area laid the foundation for the prosperity for the rise of the city of Salzburg. Here you can follow in the footsteps of salt and the Celts and learn more about the white gold:

  • The Salzwelten Salzburg on the D√ľrrnberg in Hallein is the oldest visitor mine in the world and, at around 10 degrees, invites you on an interactive journey through time with a train ride, miners" slides and a raft trip across the salt lake.
  • ¬† With the Salzwelten ticket you can also visit the ¬†Kelten.Erlebnis.Bergnext to the salt mine (extra tickets for ‚ā¨5 for adults + ‚ā¨2.50 for children are available at the Salzwelten ticket office). There you can discover the life of the Celts in the faithfully recreated Celtic village SALINA with a themed playground and Salz Factory.
  • One of the largest museums for Celtic history and art in Europe is the Celtic Museum ¬†in the old town of Hallein.

14#fussballgucken - watch a soccer game live!

Soccer is your passion but you"ve only watched the games at home on TV? Then go ahead, here you can be there LIVE on site:

  • In our forest stadium in Puch, football matches of the Salzburg league and various tournaments, especially for the youth teams, take place regularly from spring to autumn. Stop by and support¬†FC Puch at the home games. Tip: behind the grandstand is the leisure facility and the large children"s playground and skater park are also nearby.
  • You can also reach the Red Bull Salzburg Arena in 15 minutes via the A10 Tauern autobahn. The stadium has 30,188 seats and you can not only visit the arena for home games, but also book Arena-Tours here and buy fan articles in the shop.

Waldstation FC Puch © TVB Puch - Gerber

15#museen - Visit at least 3 museums in one day!

Due to the high density of excursion destinations in Tennengau and the many sights in the city of Salzburg, this point can easily be chopped off. Here is my suggestion for visiting 3 museums in one day:

  1. Celts; Marble & Silent Night: from 9 a.m. you can start the tour in Hallein in the CELTIC MUSEUM or in the SILENT NIGHT MUSEUM: Both open at 9 a.m. After an early lunch in Hallein, the museum will be changed. The MARMORMUSEUM in Adnet, a 10-minute drive away, opens at 4:00 p.m. In winter, it only opens on Saturdays by appointment and in summer it is open from Thursday to Saturday.

  2. Flight, beer & water: starts with breakfast in¬†Hangar-7 ¬†and admires the planes and racing cars from RED BULL there from 9.00 a.m. with free admission. Then it"s a few streets further to Stiegl¬īs Brauwelt, which is open from 10 a.m. In the afternoon you drive on and in 10 minutes by car you are at the Hellbrunn stop, where you can visit the Hellbrunn trick fountains, the folklore museum or the Salzburg zoo.

  3. DomQuartier in Salzburg - not 3, but 4 museums can be discovered here with one tour:
    ... the state rooms of the Residenz, the former residence and official residence of the Prince Archbishops
    ... the Residence Gallery with a collection of European paintings from the 16th to 19th centuries
    ... the Cathedral Museum with art treasures from Gothic to Baroque
    ... the St. Peter Museum with treasures from 1300 years of monastery history

What"s on your bucket list?

How many of the 15 points can you already cross out? I can set a few ticks myself, but I still haven"t done all the tips 100%. For example, I have been planning to visit Hohenwerfen Castle for years. I have already seen all the other castles and palaces and last year I was very close with my visit to the Eisenriesenwelt. But maybe I can do it this year!

So that you can get a better overview of the 15 points and tick off the list yourself and add to it as you wish, here are the ...

... two free bucket lists to download and add to:

Have fun creating your lists and especially experiencing the individual points! If you fulfill an item from my list or are out and about in Puch and take pictures of it, tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

Do you have any other points you want me to add to the list? Just leave a comment and maybe next year I"ll update the list with your ideas!

This is the way to Puch near Salzburg:

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