Valentine's Day gift tips from Puch and the surrounding area

7 Valentine's Day ideas for him and her!

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Valentine"s Day tips for your favorite people

Next Monday is February 14th and Valentine"s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. Many love this day and can"t wait to give gifts or receive gifts themselves, but for others it"s a day like any other. If you are one of the supporters of Valentine"s Day and are still looking for a suitable last-minute gift for your loved ones, I have a few tips for you from Puch and the surrounding area.

Of course, the tips can also be useful for birthdays, Mother"s Day or just as a small acknowledgment. Each tip can also be given away as a voucher! And don"t forget: The most important thing is the time you spend with your loved ones and not just the material things that you might just drop by for a short time. Take your time and give your loved ones experiences that you will always look back on fondly.

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The Feast of Lovers - What is celebrated?

Flowers, heart-shaped sweets and love letters - for many couples, this is simply part of Valentine"s Day. But where does this “holiday for lovers” come from? Saint Valentine from Rome, who is also considered the patron saint of lovers and who was beheaded on February 14, seems to be the namesake. Because the Bishop of Terni, who lived in Rome in the 3rd century, secretly married lovers according to the Christian rite, although Emperor Claudius II had forbidden it. He also gave the newlyweds flowers from his garden.

After the Second World War, the Valentine"s custom came to Germany and Austria through British occupation soldiers via England and America. Since then, Valentine"s Day has not only been a celebration for lovers, but also a celebration of friendship and family. In Finland, the day is not called Valentine"s Day, but "Friends" Day".

7 tips for Valentine"s Day in Salzburg

It doesn"t matter whether it"s friends" day or lover"s day, everyone loves presents and people like to take Valentine"s Day as an opportunity to make someone happy again! Beautiful, sweet and personal - this would make the perfect Valentine"s Day gift! But what is the right thing?

Take a look at my tips, there is sure to be something suitable for your loved ones. Have fun giving and enjoy the celebration of love & friendship on Valentine"s Day!

1. Say it through the flower!

The tulip is arguably the most popular flower given on Valentine"s Day, followed by roses, daffodils and gerberas. At Blumenwerk Helga you will not only get the colorful awakening spring flowers, but also hearts of all kinds and beautiful spring bouquets and heartfelt flower arrangements for your loved ones.

Opening hours: Helga is open for your Valentine"s Day shopping on Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Sunday from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and on Monday also from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2. Sweets for the celebration of love - sweets made by masters

Giving something sweet for Valentine"s Day is well received and always gives great pleasure! How about a cake made from Puch? Master confectioner Theresa Jahoda recently moved to Puch with her creative bakery, where you will soon be able to try the sweet works of art in the small café. For Valentine"s Day there are still their popular Sacher cakes with fresh berries and the inscription "I LOVE YOU", which you can order until Friday by calling 0664/5652662 and pick them up on Saturday morning. Get in quick, the popular "LOVE-BOX" is already sold out!

3. My gem!

Flowers and sweets are not for your loved ones? How about a handmade piece of jewellery? Judith and Bernhard from "Herr Holz und Frau Schmuck" in Puch will give you homemade earrings and bracelets made of epoxy resin, wood or glass beads. If you are from the area, you can still pick up the jewelery for Valentine"s Day directly in Puch, otherwise simply order it by Email or message!

4. Give me a castle!

Write your name or initials on a padlock and hang the so-called “love lock” on a bridge railing on your next walk together. The key that you use to lock the lock is then thrown into the river together and is said to be a sign of eternal affection. In the meantime, you can also see more and more steel hearts made of latticework in cities or ski areas that have been specially built for this purpose.

The most famous "love lock bridge" in Germany is the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, about which the well-known pop group "Die Höhner" even sings  a song.

Caution! Before you attach your lock where, first make sure that it is allowed. In some cities like Venice and Berlin there is a strict ban, elsewhere the tourist value is seen and the castles are tolerated. But there is no guarantee of eternity anywhere. It can happen that the locks (have to) be removed again with bolt cutters as a security measure.

5. Love goes through the stomach!

What could be nicer than enjoying good food with your loved one over a glass of wine in peace and quiet! Whether in the restaurant or at a romantic candle night dinner in your own four walls, in Puch you will definitely get the right dish for your Valentine"s Day dinner for two or for the whole family. So call now and reserve a table or pre-order your favorite food for pickup!

Special offer from Pucher-Gastro for Valentine"s Day:
Der SchĂĽtzenwirt recommends a chocolate mousse rose from the seasonal menu as dessert! Reservations on Tel. 0662/633000
The  Essbar offers you a Valentine"s menu for 22.00 per person: a potato and leek soup with pumpkin seed oil as a starter, a stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon on creamy polenta as a main course and a variety of sorbets as a dessert! Table reservation under: Tel. 0650/9196172
The Hotel Gasthof Kirchenwirt: Reserve your romantic dinner at the Kirchenwirt and get a free glass of Prosecco per person to toast. Phone 06245/83134
In addition to the Italian delicacies, the Terra Mia will also serve you a special Valentine"s menu on Valentine"s Day. Table reservations on Tel. 06245/20675 or delivery service 0677/636 93170
In the Vinisterium you will be spoiled with a surprise menu for Valentine"s Day. Reservations at: Tel. 06245/90808

6. Romantic date underground

The oldest visitor mine in the world on the DĂĽrrnberg in Hallein is not only historically very interesting and an adventurous adventure trip for the whole family. Have you ever thought that the Salt Worlds are also perfect for a romantic (first) date?

When you take the mine train into the tunnel, you sit in a tight row and travel together into the unexpected - the dark tunnel. In order not to stumble, they also like to hold hands and on the miner"s slide they slide down together. In addition, the romantic raft trip across the salt lake - what more could you ask for! So get a ticket for your romantic date underground in the  Salzwelten Salzburg, Hallstatt oder Altausee right here.

7. Bathe like an emperor

Escape everyday life for a day and enjoy a wellness day for two. Treat yourself to a few relaxing hours for health and relationship with your favorite person. The Aqua Salza Golling has a particularly suitable offer for lovers! Enjoy a romantic rose bath for two in the Kaiser bathtub with a glass of sparkling wine and candlelight and let everyday life behind the bathroom door be everyday life.

Kaiserbad © Aqua Salza Golling

Every day should be Valentine"s Day!

And was there a suitable gift for you for the upcoming Valentine"s Day? No matter what the decision is made, it is important that it comes from the heart and that you enjoy doing it! Also remember that the year consists of several days and outside of Valentine"s Day you can also make your loved ones happy.

Do you have more tips or pictures of your Valentine"s Day gift from Puch? Then write us a comment or tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

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