10 free themed trails in Salzburg

Adventure trails: Hiking tips for the whole family

by Barbara / 10. März 2022 / Excursions / Nature
Marmorweg Adnet © TVB Puch - Gerber

Get out into the fresh air - hiking with added value!

No matter what the season, a walk in the fresh air is not only healthy and strengthens the immune system, but also provides relaxation and variety in everyday life. And all this regardless of the weather and, above all, free of charge! You don"t need to pay an entrance fee to go on simple walks with your family.

So get out of the house and into nature. Do you like to just go for it or do you plan your walks in advance? Planning makes a lot of sense, especially for excursions with children, and you also like to look for variety in the tours that are suitable for children. How about a walk along one of the many themed trails and adventure paths in the Tennengau and surrounding area? It"s not just about the exercise itself, but also about history, adventure and lots of fun.

Themed hiking trail or nature trail?

If hiking alone is not enough for you, you can learn interesting and exciting things on a hike through various themed hiking trails and nature trails. While themed hiking trails are designed to motivate hikers to hike, educational trails focus on the educational goal. In the Tennengau you can discover a lot during your hikes. Read my list of the...

10 free adventure hiking trails around Puch bei Salzburg

Discover Salzburg in a playful way on your next family hike. Numerous information boards, some with interactive stations and an attractive route tell you about regional history and show you unique natural sites here in SalzburgerLand. Here I have summarised 10 free hiking tips with added value for you. Have fun discovering them!

1. Rosary Way Puch

Here in Puch, the signposted Rosary Way has been leading you from the Puch parish church to St. Jakob am Thurn to the Loreto Chapel in the pilgrimage church since 2006. On the five granite stations of the "5 Mysteries of the Joyful Rosary" are motifs painted on sheet metal by Elisabeth Traxl from the Mühlviertel, on which the birth and childhood of Jesus are thematised. You can find out more about the Rosary Way in my article in the TENNENGAU MAGAZINE and here are the directions.

Rosenkranzweg Puch © TVB Puch - Gerber

2. Glasenbach Gorge

In our neighbouring community of Elsbethen - the southernmost village in Salzburg"s Flachgau region - you can explore nature along the geological nature trail with 13 information boards. The gorge-like valley is a protected part of the landscape along the Glasenbach. Along the prehistoric and geological trail, you will find numerous information boards, several rest areas, a Kneipp fountain and a balancing course. Here you can discover the
Glasenbachklamm in advance with the 360° images.

Glasenbachklamm © TVB Elsbethen

3. Marble Trail in Adnet

Follow in the footsteps of the world-famous Adnet marble and discover the special features of this precious rock from the Tennengau. The trail takes you through the Adnet quarries in around 2 hours and is an ideal hiking trail for the whole family and suitable for pushchairs. The special features of the precious rock and its extraction are explained on display boards. In addition, „Fit und bewegt“ stations have been set up along the trail and you can let off steam in the fitness park, climb, explore caves, build stoa almonds and much more.

Tip: visit the Adnet Marble Museum or take a guided tour!
Marmorweg Adnet © TVB Puch - Gerber

4. Lifeline Taugl Bad Vigaun

The Taugl in Bad Vigaun is a habitat, nature reserve and breathtakingly beautiful recreational area for animals, plants and people alike. Discover the crystal-clear mountain stream along the circular hiking trail „Lebensader Taugl“ and learn about the animal inhabitants and plants of the Tauglgries from the numerous display and information boards.

Tip: take part in a  guided hike with the tourism association and learn more about the wonderful nature and European nature reserve in Salzburg.
Tauglgries © TVB Bad Vigaun

5. Kuchler Zeitreise - Kuchl Journey through Time

If you want to learn more about Kuchl from the Tennengau Salzach Valley, the Kuchler Zeitreise is just the place for you. On the 2.5-hour tour, which is suitable for children, families learn interesting facts about the history of the village on 9 information boards. In addition, a variety of puzzles provide a certain fun factor.

Tip: Further information and videos can be viewed via the QR codes on the boards. Guided tours are also available for groups of 8 or more.
Kuchler Zeitreise  © TVB Kuchl

6. Jahreszeitenweg - Seasons Trail at Lake Egelsee in Golling

Wonderful vantage points as well as 32 stations to play and discover await you along the approximately 1-kilometre-long Jahreszeitenweges in Golling. The path is a bit uphill in parts, but well suited for prams. Visit the enchanting Egelsee lake, the Parkkapelle chapel, the balancing path and much more on the Jahreszeitenweg i Golling. You can find more tips in my TENNENGAU MAGAZIN article.

Jahreszeitenweg Golling © TVB Puch - Gerber

7. Mühlenrundweg - Mill Circuit in Scheffau

A great hike awaits you along the free Herzerl- und Mühlenweges to the Schwarzenbachfall in Scheffau am Tennengebirge. Start at the car park in Oberscheffau or at the bus stop next to the Lammerklause Inn. Especially now when the snow is melting or when it is raining heavily, you can visit the delightful Herzel stations as well as the wildly roaring Winnerfall above.

Past the „HerzArt“ artists" cottage and the old flour mill from the 17th century, there are always idyllic power spots and dreamlike vantage points along the way. In Petra Bammer"s "Herzerl" workshop you can visit a faithfully reconstructed marble ball mill and buy small souvenirs. The trail is suitable for prams up to the old mill, after that you will need a stretcher to take a closer look at the waterfalls.

Mühlenrundweg – Herzerlweg in Scheffau © TVB Scheffau

8. Geisterwald - Ghost Forest Russbach

At the Sonnseitenweg in Russbach, 10 different stamp stations for the children and some resting places for the parents await you in the Geisterwald. From building a ghost house and playing skittles to the Kneipp pond, there is plenty of relaxation and excitement. Get your stamp pass from the tourist office and collect all the stamps for the Forest Spirits medal. The tour is suitable for children from the age of 4 and for pushchairs with cross-country mobility.

Geisterwald Russbach© TVB Russbach

9.  Heufigurenweg - Hay Figure Trail Annaberg

The Heufigurenweg in Annaberg-Lungötz was created from the annual Lammertal HayART Festival. Numerous works of hay art such as the hay worm or the Dachsteinweiberl can be found along the way and look forward to your visit. The approximately 4-kilometre-long hiking trail is suitable for prams and is also cleared of snow in winter.

Tip: 14 game stations await you at the Gaudi-Golf at the end of the Heufigure Trail. Equipment is available at the Salzburger Dolomitenhof.
Heufigurenweg Annaberg © TVB Annaberg-Lungötz

10. Lammertaler Urwald - Primeval Forest

Visit the Lammertaler Wächter - a 300-year-old fir tree that is an incredible 48 metres high. In the 10 hectare natural forest reserve in St. Martin in the Tennengebirge, firs, spruces, beeches and larches grow to enormous proportions. In summer, the Spießalm with homemade cheese specialities from the farm"s own cheese dairy provides a culinary finale.

Lammertaler Urwald © TVB St. Martin im Tennengebirge

Bonus tip: City walk through Hallein

Visit the historic old town of Hallein and stroll through the small alleys and enchanting squares. Numerous shops, restaurants, museums and pubs invite you to linger in the historic Celtic town. Learn more about our district capital and join one of the interesting tours, such as the free guided tour of the town organised by the Hallein Tourist Association every Friday!

Keltenmuseum © Christian Hechenberger

Family-friendly excursion destinations in Salzburger Land

Do you already know all of the Salzburg adventure trails I have presented? Each of these free themed trails has a special offer for you and turns every walk into an adventure. So put on your hiking boots and head out into nature. Nothing stands in the way of an eventful excursion with the whole family.

If you are looking for more excursion tips, then take a look at "SIGHTSEEING " - there you will find an overview of around 75 excursion destinations around Puch from Salzburg and Berchtesgaden. Or click through the PUCH MAGAZINE articles under the category "EXCURSION".

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