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Water fun for the whole family in Salzburg

by Barbara / 01. Juli 2021 / Excursions
Freibad Hallein ©TVB Puch - Gerber

Hallein outdoor pool - adventure, sport & leisure in Salzburg

Summer, sun, water fun! Surrounded by the Salzburg mountains and at the foot of the Barmsteine, the Hallein outdoor pool at Wiespach Castle invites young and old to swim and romp in the water. Only a few minutes away from Puch, the "Hallein open-air pool" offers you everything you need for a summer excursion on the water. I"ve known the outdoor pool since I was a kid and I always enjoy going here to swim, relax and, above all, to meet friends (from the children).

The adventure pool, with its 32,000 m² area, offers spacious sunbathing areas, 3 different pools and a sports and children"s playground. The Hallein outdoor pool opened its doors for the first time in 1961 and has been open every year from May to September since then. Since 60 years, the outdoor pool has been a popular meeting place for families with children, school classes of all ages, water sports enthusiasts, young people and senior citizens.

Halleiner Freibad mit Barmsteine

ARRIVAL: It takes less than 10 minutes by car or bike to get from Puch to the Hallein open-air swimming pool. You can reach the swimming pool by public transport on foot from the Haunsberg bus stop in 5 minutes and from Hallein train station in 10 minutes.As a holidaymaker in Puch, you can travel for free by bus and train with the TennengauPLUS Card.

Read on and see what you can experience in the Hallein open-air pool and what leisure activities are waiting for you there. TIP: If you visit the outdoor pool when it opens at 9 a.m. and you are quick, you can also take such pictures without bathers - only with clear water and the beautiful mountain backdrop.

Pools for babies, non-swimmers and athletes

There are almost no limits to water fun in the Hallein outdoor pool. Three different water basins provide variety and offer every visitor the right pleasure in the water. I am happy to introduce you to the three pools - the baby pool for toddlers, the adventure pool for non-swimmers and the sports pool for athletes:

Baby pool with slide and climbing kite

Under the many deciduous trees at the baby pool it is refreshingly cool on some hot summer days. The little ones can splash around in the baby pool under the parasols and play with each other. Since last year there has been a small rainbow slide in the middle of the pool, which is very popular with the little water rats. And anyone who has ever been to the baby pool in the Hallein outdoor pool can certainly remember the stone dragon. Somehow it has always existed and doesn"t age either, like so many bathers have over the past 60 years.

There is not only enough sunbathing space around the baby pool, but also a few rest benches and changing rooms. Since it is also the quickest way from a shady meadow to the sports pool, families with small children are not the only ones to relax here.

Sports pool with diving tower and 6 swimming lanes

Only (very) good swimmers are allowed in the 800 m² large and 50 m long sports pool! The lifeguards pay close attention to this. Children with water wings or beginners have no business here. In the sports pool, the focus is on endurance swimming for minutes on the six swimming lanes and the popular jumping tower facility with 3 different heights. The adventure pool offers enough space to learn to swim and to have the best fun in the water.

Adventure pool with slide, waterfall and whirlpool

The highlight of the 800 m² adventure children"s pool is the yellow 40 m long water curve slide, which replaced an old stone slide many years ago. Equally popular is the blue wall with a waterfall to swim through, which alternates with the popular hot spring in the water.

The children"s pool as a "non-swimmer pool" with its variable water depth is particularly suitable for learning to swim and for the first swimming and jumping attempts on your own. The water depth here is a maximum of 1.35 m and is ideal for water fun with the whole family.

Leisure fun in the Hallein outdoor pool

But it"s not just the water that draws swimmers into the Hallein open-air swimming pool. A day in the outdoor pool also needs a bit of variety. For those looking for peace and quiet, a good book under a shady deciduous tree and a cup of coffee on the terrace at the kiosk buffet might be enough. Athletes and especially children and adolescents are looking for more action.

Freibad Hallein - Foto TVB Puch - Gerber

Sunbathing lawns for all ages in the outdoor pool

On a total area of ​​32,000 m² there is enough space to relax, play and sunbathe. Families with babies and small children enjoy the large lawn around the baby pool with its many shady trees. The ideal place between kiosk, toilets and children"s playground. Primary school children prefer to romp around the adventure pool with the slide and around the sports pool with the diving tower are mainly young people who enjoy jumping and bathers who want to swim a lot.

All age groups meet on the large lawn next to the adventure pool. What looks very green and calm early in the morning turns into a hustle and bustle of brightly colored parasols, picnic blankets, air mattresses and funny swimming animals after noon at the latest.

Sports & games: Sports facility with children"s playground

If you"ve had enough of the water, you can really let off steam on the sports field with beach volleyball, football or beach soccer. In addition, the little ones can romp around in the children"s playground and prefer to climb from one tower to another or dig in the sandpit in peace.

NOTE: There are (currently) no rental equipment such as balls, deck chairs or parasols at the Hallein outdoor pool. Only parasol stands and table tennis equipment are available to borrow.

Kiosk buffet with sun terrace

The self-service buffet in the Hallein outdoor pool provides for your physical well-being. Food and drinks can be consumed on the cozy sun terrace or taken out onto the seat. Pizza, sausage rolls and of course the various ice lollies are the best sellers at the kiosk and are simply part of a visit to the Hallein outdoor pool.

Leisure fun in the Hallein outdoor pool

The Schloss Wiespach outdoor pool in Hallein has much more to offer than "just" water fun and swimming! Here you meet friends and acquaintances, you can relax in peace under the shady deciduous trees and if you want you can play beach volleyball or soccer, do sports.

In any case, time always flies by and you can easily spend a whole day in the Hallein outdoor pool without getting bored. Saying goodbye at the end of the day is always difficult, especially when you visit the outdoor pool with children. But summer still lasts and the swimming pool is open daily from May to September.

Freibad Schloss Wiespach Hallein - Foto: TVB Puch/Gerber

Outdoor pool or bathing lake?

Do you like to go to the outdoor pool or do you prefer to swim in a lake in summer? You can find out where you can go swimming near Puch or experience adventures on the water under "Bathing & Wellness". You can get more summer pictures, current information and excursion tips around Puch on Instagram at @visitpuch!

What are your memories of the outdoor pool in Hallein? Or do you have any other tips about swimming in Salzburg? Feel free to write it to me in the comments. Have a nice summer and have fun splashing around!

Click here to go to the Hallein open-air swimming pool at Schloss Wiespach

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