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Best of 2022 from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein & Hinterwiestal

by Barbara / 29. Dezember 2022 / Event
Best of Puch 2022 - Foto: TVB Puch

The best moments & shots from Puch near Salzburg from 2022

Just now I put the Best of 2021 online and already another year is over! Amazing how fast a year can go by. Especially after the challenging previous years, where not so much was going on and you spent a lot of time at home and with walks in the surrounding area, the year 2022 was again full of events, festivities and much more from spring on!

During my excursions in Puch & surroundings as well as during the numerous festivities, 1,000s of photos and videos were taken again, which you can see regularly on  Instagram under @visitpuch or with one of my  PUCH MAGAZINE posts. Also Michael Kuschei of "Kuscheiart" was again with his camera and drone in Puch on the road and has captured unique impressions for us. As you can see here in the great videos from Puch.

Tip: for all those who don"t (want to) use Instagram, you can also find the pictures and videos of @visitpuch on our website under "Instagram picture gallery".

Month by month - my highlights 2022 from Puch bei Salzburg

What I got the last 12 months so everything in front of the lens and what new KuscheiArt shots were created, I show you now month by month. And for all those who like the pictures from Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein and Hinterwiestal as much as I do, there is also a raffle at the end with the great shots from Puch!


Puch im Winter - Foto: Pension David

From the turn of the year until the visit of the Magi, there was still no snow in sight. After that, however, Puch was transformed into a magical winter world and invited to extensive winter hiking. Whether in the valley along the Salzach or high up on the Sch├Ânalm, the winter magic hilt the whole of January in Puch.

In keeping with the winter season, I have compiled a list of all the ski resorts in the area in the PUCH MAGAZINE and summarized great ideas for an unforgettable vacation with us in Puch with the Bucket List. Here you can print out the "Bucket List" and get more tips!


Sch├Ânalm in Puch - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber

After Valentine"s Day (gift tips in the PUCH MAGAZINE) was spent in the snow or culinary at the Pucher Gastro, we got to see the first signs of spring. Snowdrops and palm catkins adorned the paths and did not leave winter behind. Unfortunately, the carnival was not granted to us last year and so the PUCH MAGAZINE article with tips about the children"s carnival at home was created. But that will change again this year and the firemen"s ball on carnival Saturday, 18.2 as well as the children"s carnival on carnival Sunday, 19.2 you can already mark bold in the appointment calendar!

Fortunately, the vacation fair "Ferieforalle" in Herning took place again and we could after the corona-conditioned break, meet many regulars and new vacation guests from Denmark. Here`s to the reel video from the fair on Instagram!

Messe in Herning / D├Ąnemark - Foto: TVB Puch


March got off to a culinary start with Ash Wednesday and spring has sprung all over the country! Everywhere it has bloomed and the meadows became colorful again! As an excursion tip for the start of the hiking season, I wrote the article "10 free themed trails in Salzburg" and Silja Parke created the article "Recipes & hiking tip: Spring in the Pucher Au" for you.

Wiestal Fr├╝hling - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber

The FC Puch invited in March at the spring kick-off for the first home game after the winter break back to the Waldstadion┬ápastry chef Theresa Jahoda opened the S├ťSSEREI┬áin the middle of Puch! Here you can watch the reel video of the sweetshop opening on March 10.


In Puch, the Pucher Palmesel traditionally starts the Holy Week in April. How Easter is celebrated in the parishes of Puch & St. Jakob am Thurn and why the Pucher Palmesel was hidden for years, you can read in the PUCH MAGAZINE article "Easter: The Pucher Palmesel & Holy Week". With the forsythia bushes and gardens in bloom, spring in Puch is a wonderful time to take colorful photos. You can see how beautiful spring is in Puch in the PUCH MAGAZINE article "Spring in Puch and St. Jakob - popular photo spots in Salzburgerland".

At the end of April, the  volunteer fire department Puch invited to the demonstration exercise before the Florianifest was celebrated with the local associations in Puch on the following Sunday in bright sunshine. You can see a summary of the Floriani exercise in the reel video from April 20.

Florianifeier FF Puch - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber


The meadows are lush green and the flowers bloom in all colors! That"s how beautiful May was and is in Puch! Look at the reel videos from May on Instagram to the dandelion meadow in front of the Maurerbauer, the flight over the meadow near the parish church Puch, the sunset at the Kirchenwirt behind the parish church or the beautiful roses at the Roman milestone.

As a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian refugees in Puch, all the vessels at the entrances to the village and on Lindinger Hill in the village were planted in blue and yellow flowers.

Blick ├╝ber Puch ins Salzachtal - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

In the PUCH MAGAZINE, I"ve appropriately put together "Tips & Trip Ideas for Mother"s Day" for May and told you our family recipe of elderberry syrup. The weather at the end of May was used for some great aerial shots of Puch. Take a look at the 360┬░ summer panorama of Puch near Salzburg and see the proximity to the festival city of Salzburg and the Celtic city of Hallein - Bad D├╝rrnberg.

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Enjoy the view over Puch into the Salzach valley with the fantastic mountain scenery! Here you can watch the matching reel video of the sunrise over the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and in the PUCH MAGAZINE article "Puch from above: Aerial photos from a bird"s eye view" you can see more great shots taken in 2022 of Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn and Urstein! 

Ausblick auf Puch - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

June in Salzburgerland is ideal for photography. Everything is green, the sun is shining and the warming rays of sunshine invite you to long walks. So last year a trip to the city of Salzburg could not be missed. Check out this reel video of the most beautiful view from the M├Ânchsberg at the Humboldt Terrace on the Fortress Hohensalzburg!

Traditionally, Corpus Christi is also celebrated in June in the parish of Puch and in the parish of St. Jakob. The weather gods were very kind to us on both days and the local associations as well as the numerous churchgoers were happy to find shady places for the procession. What exactly is celebrated on Corpus Christi or what "Prangertag" means in Puch, you can read in this PUCH MAGAZIN article.


FF Oldtimer - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber

July was celebrated - but really! It started with the Pucher Puch & Motorcycle Meeting on Sunday, July 3! Why there is this meeting and what story is hidden behind it you can read in the PUCH MAGAZINE article "Pucher Puch meeting in Salzburg: The people & stories behind the event"!

Only one week later, the Musikkapelle Puch celebrated its two-day anniversary concert. Photos of it and how the concert was together with the partner association "Trachtenkapelle Musikverein Winterbach", you can read in the PUCH MAGAZINE article "125 years Musikkapelle Puch - a review of the anniversary concert 2022". Here is the matching reel video of the anniversary concert on Instagram to watch! As a sponsor, the Puch Tourism Association received a picture of the Musikkapelle Puch in front of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Puch Urstein as a thank you, which we were happy to hang up.

Jubil├Ąumskonzert MK Puch 2022 - Foto: MK Puch

In summer, we at the Tourist Association like to organize folk evenings with folk dancing and live music. On one of these evenings we were pleased to welcome numerous guests from Ukraine, who unfortunately had to flee their country and were staying with us in Puch-Urstein at the time.

Ukrainische G├Ąste beim Heimatabend - Foto: TVB Puch

After the homeland evening with the Trachenverein D`Puachstoana and the twilight pint with the music band Puch at the Kirchenwirt followed the 1st summer festival of the volunteer fire department Puch with vintage car ride and unique soapbox race. Hundreds of visitors accepted the invitation to the festival and it was a magnificent celebration. The tourism association Puch has supported the fire department with a bouncy castle, so also the smaller ones had your fun at the summer festival. More pictures of the summer festival can be found here at the website of the FF Puch and the reel video of the summer festival shows you a great summary.

But after that it was far from over! On the last Sunday in July, St. Jakob am Thurn traditionally celebrates Jakobikirtag with a historic Schützenentanz. Read here under "Jakobikirtag and the Schützenentanz - the festival of the Jakobischützen to St. Jakob am Thurn" more about this special festival in St. Jakob. As reel videos you can find here the procession of Jakobikirtag as part 1 and in part 2 a summary of the "historical Schützenentanz", which usually lasts up to 30 minutes.

Gr├Ąfin Wurmbrandweg Einweihung - Foto: TVB Puch

The festive weekend was taken as an opportunity to officially inaugurate the new Countess Wurmbrand Trail in St. Jakob am Thurn. On this occasion our mayor Helmut Klose and tourism chairman Christian Rettenbacher received the Danish jubilee medal "Danneborg 800 years", which was presented to them by the Danish honorary consul of Salzburg, Dr. Michael Dyck. You can find more information about this in the PUCH MAGAZINE article "Gr├Ąfin Wurmbrand & Ihr Weg zum Schlossturm. The story behind the street sign in St. Jakob am Thurn."


After the event-filled month of July, August saw the return of some peace and quiet in Puch. On the holiday, traditionally, the herb bushes were brought to the church for consecration and the many hours of sunshine invited for wonderful pictures of Puch, as well as the dreamlike sunsets over the city of Salzburg. Appropriate to the summer Silja provided you in the PUCH MAGAZINE "5 recipes for barbecue from nature". So you could refine the barbecue with local herbs, flowers and berries.

What you especially liked last year was the reel video of the internal wet competition of FF Puch in August. There 3 teams competed against each other - "The Young", "The Experienced" and "The Seniors". The competition serves on the one hand for the sporty training as well as for the fun in the association and on the other hand for the exercise and consolidation of in the fire-brigade usual handles!

Nassbewerb FF Puch 2022 - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber

September - Summer is leaving, winter is coming!

A particular highlight last year was the opening of Carrera WORLD in Puch Urstein. Get a first glimpse of Carrer WORLD in the reel video and find out more about the "Racing fun for the whole family on 900m┬▓" in the PUCH MAGAZINE article.

Carrera WORL - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber

After the Day of "Blasmusik", where the music band marches from house to house, the traditional harvest festival of the parish was celebrated with the local associations at the end of September in St. Jakob. Unfortunately, the parish festival could not take place under the Alte Kaiser linden tree due to the weather, and the day was ended comfortably after the festive mass in the clubhouse.

Ernedankfest St. Jakob - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber

October 2022 - Autumn in its full splendor!

In October we traditionally celebrated the harvest festival of the parish of Puch. Here in the reel video you can see a summary of the marching up, handling and departure of the procession of the music band Puch and the local clubs. In mid-October, the Pucher hunters invited to the annual Hubertusmesse on the Sch├Ânalm, which could be made again in fantastic weather.

In addition, the Circus King made a guest appearance in Puch, where you can see a small excerpt as a reel video here! When do you get a picture of the Puch Panorama with camels!

At the end of October, Puch was again colored in a colorful dress and once again great pictures of the KuscheiArt were taken. How do you like this view over the Ursteinsteg with the unique mountain scenery as a reflection in the Salzach?

Urstein im Herbst - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

In the PUCH MAGAZINE herbalist Silja Parke has two great articles for you in the fall. 1. "Autumn time: decoration tips from the forest" and 2. "Recipes from the Pucher autumn forest". Take a look and get the practical tips and ideas.


November also showed its colorful, autumnal side. Simply fantastic how the forests around the Wiestalstaussee are colored in autumn and what evening atmosphere can be there. Click here for the reel video of the romantic shots of the Wiestalstausse in autumn!

Wiestalstausee - Foto: TVB Puch - Kuscheiart

After the traditional St. Martin"s Day celebration and the enjoyable goose dinner in Puch, we were already able to light the first candle on the Advent wreath at the end of November and Advent took its course. In the PUCH MAGAZINE in November Theresa Jahoda from the confectionery revealed to us the Christmas cookie recipe "B├Ąrentatzen" for the start of the baking season and I visited the mangers Agnes and Toni H├Âllbacher, where I learned einges about the manger exhibition in the Lorettokapelle in St. Jakob. The matching reel videos are available here: Bear paw recipe and Christmas cribs!

The church concert of the Musikkapelle Puch on the first Advent weekend was perfect to set the mood for the Advent season. How beautiful the encore was you can see in this reel video of  "Kum guad hoam".

Kirchenkonzert MK Puch - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber


Magical - the Advent market in St. Jakob am Thurn in the snow. Every Advent weekend, the idyllic market at the church square of the pilgrimage church in St. Jakob am Thurn put us in the Christmas mood. See in the reel video how romantic the Adventmart in St. Jakob is.

Adventmarkt St. Jakob am Thurn im Schnee - Foto: TVB Puch - Gerber

In addition to the weekly Advent market, St. Nicholas and his ghoulish companions were also traditionally on the road during home visits and at the Pucher Krampuslauf in Leiternstra├če in December. The Puch Tourist Association supports the Krampuslauf annually with the musical accompaniment, with a music ensemble of the Musikkapelle Puch. More impressions of the Krampus run of the original Pucher Krampusse you get in the┬áReel-Video.

Other events such as the Roraten in the parish churches and the shepherd play of the Jungschar in St. Jakob at the Christmette in the afternoon provided a nice mood for Christmas. See here in the reel video  "Advent ist a Leichtn with the singers of the Eberstoa Musi" from the Wiestal, who solemnly framed the Rorate in St. Jakob am Thurn on December 24.

PUCH MAGAZIN Dezember 2022 - Foto: TVB Puch

In the PUCH MAGAZINE Silja Parke from the Wild Carrot Blog "6 Fine Gifts from Nature" and I published a Kletzenbrot recipe from the Pucher B├Ąuerinnen in December. Chairman of the Tourism Association Christian Rettenbacher invited again to open the doors at the PUCHER ADVENT CALENDAR and numerous comments came into the lottery pot, where you could win great prizes from Puch.

PFIATI 2022 - GRIAS DI 2023!

How did you like this summary of the year 2022? With this review we say goodbye to the past year and welcome the year 2023! What are you looking forward to the most? Are you enjoying the winter and the snow as soon as it snows again or are you already looking forward to spring, when everything in Salzburg will be in bloom again? Summer also has its charms and offers great opportunities for outdoor excursions. Or do you already miss the golden autumn with its great colors and ideal weather for extensive hikes? Somehow every season, every month has something special to look forward to.

SEND US YOUR PICTURES! If you take pictures or videos of Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein or Hinterwiestal, we look forward to your linking to @visitpuch on Instagram or sending them by email to


From some great pictures from Puch near Salzburg we created again a limited calendar. Better said a wall calendar in A4 and a stand-up calendar in A5, of which we may raffle one each to you!

Kalender Puch 2023 - Foto: TVB Puch

This is how you get into the lottery pot:

1. leave a comment here under this PUCH MAGAZINE post and tell us why you would like to have the calendar from Puch.
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TIP: If you don"t have your own picture/video from Puch just share a picture/video from our @visitpuch profile that you like and share it in your stories! Important: You have to link us with @visitpuch so we can see it!

The competition runs until 6.1.2023 ­čŹÇ Good luck!

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With the delicious New Year"s Eve Sachw├╝rfel from the S├╝sserei by Theresa Jahoda we wish you a happy new year and much happiness, joy and health for 2023! We look forward to your comments here in the PUCH MAGAZINE, your links and messages on Instagram and especially to your bookings at our Pucher accommodations!

Sacherw├╝rfel zu Silverster - Foto: Theresa Jahoda - S├╝sserei Puch

Here`s to Puch near Salzburg

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