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by Barbara / 21. April 2022 / Excursions / Nature
Maurerauer ©TVB Puch - Gerber

Spring hike to the most beautiful photo spots in Tennengau

Do you like taking photos and love spring in Salzburg? When grey and white turns green and colourful again? Because when the days get longer and the sun"s rays warmer in Austria, summer is not far away and nature awakens from hibernation at high speed. The meadows turn vibrantly green again, the forsythia shine in the sun with their yellow blossoms and the enchanting white and lilac magnolias blow romantically in the wind. During my last walks through Puch, I photographed for you just how beautiful spring can be here in Puch.

So that you can find one or the other photo spot again, I will gladly explain where you can find these partly hidden places in Puch, St. Jakob am Thurn, Urstein and Hinterwiestal. So off you go!

Starting point Maurerbauer in Puch

In the middle of town, right next to the Puch parish church and the Hotel Gasthof Kirchenwirt, stands the Maurerbauer - the oldest farmhouse in Puch. The forsythia and all the flowering shrubs in the garden give the historical building the perfect setting for your springtime pictures. No matter from which side, whether over the fence, through the bushes or directly by the fruit tree at the house, here everyone gets a wonderful spring picture from Puch.

Maurerbauer - Pfarrkiche Puch ©TVB Puch – Gerber

Starting from the centre of the village, you have several options. We start at the Geimeindehaus and the public car park and walk along the Schwester Hildegard Weg to the recreational area. There, the lion number is already growing through the stone slabs and the footbridge invites you to linger in the sun.

Freizeitanlage ©TVB Puch – Gerber

In front of the leisure centre, on the left-hand side, there is a large children"s playground and skate park that gives you a special view of the FC Puch forest stadium with the mighty Untersberg behind it.

Waldstadion vom FC Puch ©TVB Puch – Gerber

On the right-hand side, the path continues to the Salzach, whereby we can turn left again beforehand and follow the wonderful forest path behind the leisure complex along the "Dorfrunde".

Dorfrunde Puch ©TVB Puch – Gerber

After a few minutes" walk, a small paradise awaits you at a right-hand fork towards the Salzach. The benches at the crystal-clear pond invite you to relax.

Paradies am Wasser Puch ©TVB Puch – Gerber

After a few steps, follow the left path and walk along Schulstraße back to the centre of the village. The church tower will show you the way ;-) There is a dog run right at the beginning of the trail where you can let your dog run free.

Frühling  ©TVB Puch – Gerber

On to the Salzach to Puch Urstein

If you want to continue your walk after the short tour of the village, we recommend that you do not turn left at the leisure centre, but walk straight ahead to the Salzach. When you reach the water, the cycle and hiking path along the Salzach leads to Hallein on the left - in the direction of the Barmsteine.

Salzachweg ©TVB Puch – Gerber

Take a leisurely right to Urstein, where the breathtaking view of the mountain panorama awaits you at the Ursteinsteg.

Ursteinsteg ©TVB Puch – Gerber

TIP: if you are out and about early in the morning at sunrise, you will see this special reflection in the water of the Salzach. Click on the video and fly towards the sun!
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From the Ursteinsteg you can walk straight on to the Urstein hydroelectric power station, where the Anif Waldbad/Kletterpark Anif is close by, or hike even further into the city of Salzburg.

The shorter way back to Puch leads to the right via the Alte Meierei and the Salzburg University of Applied SciencesThere you can also take the S-Bahn one stop back to the centre of Puch.

If you continue on foot, our beautiful panorama of Puch with the parish church over the wonderful green meadow awaits you.

Panorama von Puch ©TVB Puch – Gerber

Shortly before you return to Puch, our welcome sign greets you warmly with "Grüß Gott in Puch".

Grüß Gott Puch ©TVB Puch – Gerber

Up the mountain!

Spoilt for choice. From the Maurerbauer in the centre of the village you can choose from various hiking tours to higher areas. Hike via the Rosenkranzweg to St. Jakob am Thurn or via the Almerberg to the Eberstein and Schönalm. Each trail has its own special features and, above all, unique views of the Salzburg mountains.

Maurerbauer ©TVB Puch – Gerber

Up via the Schmiedpointweg to Pension David, a few spots in the forest offer a wonderful view of Puch with the legendary Untersberg behind it. The panoramic circular trail then takes you on to the Almerberg or over the Eberstein into the Wiestal valley or to the Erentrudisalm via the Schönalm.

Starting point St. Jakob am Thurn

From the Schönalm, from the Wiestal or directly from Puch, you can get to St. Jakob am Thurn from anywhere. You can also park directly in the village at the club house opposite the Der Schützenwirt inn or walk up from the Haslach bus stop on the Halleiner Landesstraße.

Schlossturm St. Jakob am Thurn ©TVB Puch – Gerber

Flowers are everywhere! The garden of the castle tower offers you a special play of colours. You can also take a walk around the romantic pond and discover other beautiful places and wild flowering shrubs, trees and flowers.

The alpine tour leads you from St. Jakob to the Vollererhof. If you go down a little before, after Kugelgarten, you will see a wonderful mountain panorama in the direction of the Salzach valley. If you continue down this road, you will come to the next crossroads where you turn left into the Wiestal valley and right back to St. Jakob.

Bergpanorma Puch ©TVB Puch – Gerber

From the panorama site, I hike with you up to Vollererhof, past the game reserve to Hochstadl, where the next vantage point awaits you. This wonderful spot allows you to see as far as the city of Salzburg.

Hochstadl ©TVB Puch – Gerber

From Hochstadl you can hike up to Schönalm to Fageralm and Erentrudisalm in Elsbethen or back down to Wiestal. I walk with you down the gravel path at Hochstadl, past Thiersteig and Kainzreith and make a small detour to the waterfall - the Kehlbachfall, which you will find in the forest on the right before Hochgols.

Kehlbachfall ©TVB Puch – Gerber

Von hier aus können Sie einfach dem Weg hinunter nach St. Jakob folgen. Genießen Sie die Ruhe auf dem Kirchplatz unter der alten Kaiserlinde oder machen Sie einen Spaziergang um den idyllischen Teich.

Photos, photos, photos! The Salzburg spring in pictures!

How did you like the virtual spring tour through Puch? Do you already know all the places on our hiking tours?

TIP: in the Tennengauer Tourenportal you"ll find all the route descriptions for your next hike through Puch.

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