Recipe: Bear paws from the S├╝sserei by Theresa Jahoda

Simple Christmas biscuits to bake during Advent

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Weihnachtskekse ┬ę Theresa Jahoda

A guest in the bakery of master confectioner Theresa Jahoda in Puch

Christmas time is within reach and the first hobby bakers are already planning or baking the first Christmas biscuits for their loved ones at home. What you absolutely have to try this year are the bear paws - a gluten-free recipe from the confectionery in Puch by master confectioner  Theresa Jahoda.

She bakes around 20 different kinds of Christmas biscuits during the Christmas season and one of them is the delicious bear paws made from egg whites, almonds, cocoa, sugar and spices - that"s all it takes. That sounds easy? It is, and best of all, they taste deliciously like Christmas! Get the recipe here at the end and try them out for yourself in your Christmas bakery at home.

B├Ąrentatze von Theresa Jahoda ┬ę TVB Puch

In the Christmas bakery - there are so many goodies!

And they"ve already whetted our appetite for the Advent season! The Christmas biscuits from the S├╝sserei not only look delicious, they are also delicious thanks to the selected ingredients! Theresa Jahoda and her team use regional eggs and dairy products, melt-in-the-mouth Belgian chocolate and the finest jams for the exquisite biscuits!

TIP: You don"t have the time or the inclination to bake your own Christmas biscuits? Then order Theresa Jahoda"s mixed, exquisite Christmas biscuits in 300g, 500g, 1kg or 2kg packs now! There are 2 pick-up options for the popular biscuit mixes of 20 different varieties: once before the 1st Advent and once in mid-December, just before Christmas! Order by email to or by phone: 0664 5652 662!

Erlesene Weihnachtskekse von ┬ę Theresa Jahoda

Sweet dream & clear the stage!

You don"t know the Sweetshop yet? Then it"s about time! Since this spring, Puch has a sweeter address in the centre of the village! Opposite the municipal office, Theresa Jahoda, a trained actress, has fulfilled a dream with her confectionery and, together with her team, conjures up delicious pastries and cakes in her richly stocked showcase every week in the confectionery with a small caf├ę. Up to 15 different cakes, strudels, Gugelhupf and cake pops are available from Wednesday to Saturday to enjoy in the caf├ę or to take away. In addition, there are seasonally changing highlights and special promotions such as Easter, Mother"s Day or Halloween!

How many eggs, butter and whipped cream do you think are used in the confectionery every week?

 Think about it - you"ll find the answer here at the end!

From the theatre stage to the bakery!

You"re probably wondering how a trained actress ends up in the bakery? Through love, of course! On the one hand through love for your children, who received their first motif cakes for their birthdays, and on the other hand through love for baking! She was particularly taken with the creative cakes for every occasion, and Theresa Jahoda was driven to take the master"s examination.

She writes about herself under r ÔÇ×About meÔÇť on her website: "I am a trained actress and a certified master confectioner from Salzburg. How does that fit together? Wonderfully! For both, theatre acting and the art of confectionery, imagination, concentration and discipline are necessary. But above all, it"s the desire to try something new - a new role in a play or a new dessert."

Theresa Jahoda vor der S├╝sserei in Puch ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

Sweets and much more

In addition to the homemade and seasonal delicacies, there is also the best coffee from the┬áSalzburger R├Âsthaus 220GRAD┬á- also to take away! Selected cake and party accessories, e.g. from Super Streusel and elegant etagere from Die Hochstapler are also available from Theresa Jahoda in Puch.

S├╝sserei by Theresa Jahoda ┬ę TVB Puch - Gerber

Tip: a selection of delicious cakes from the Süsserei by Theresa Jahoda is also served daily next door at the Hotel Gasthof Kirchenwirt in the cosy parlours or on one of the terraces!

Sweet arts and crafts in Salzburg!

The master confectioner and her team of 2 other confectioners and 2 kitchen assistants conjure up wonderful motif cakes for every occasion, fairytale sweet tables and dreamlike wedding cakes to order. The many details, elaborate decorations and the lovingly decorated delicacies are special.

Even though it smells deliciously sweet in the confectionery all year round and you can get any treat for those with a sweet tooth, the Advent season is still something very special with the Christmas biscuits and the wonderful spices and scents. Just the production of the bear paws alone has breathed the magic of Christmas into the confectionery. But the best thing is to try it out for yourself. Have fun baking them!

Bear paws - Theresa Jahoda"s recipe!

You will love this Christmas biscuit recipe! When you bite into the bear paw, the biscuit is a little firmer on the outside and soft on the inside. Making the dough and biscuits is easy. The only thing you need to be aware of is the time, as the dough needs to be refrigerated for 24 hours!

Zutaten B├Ąrentatzen ┬ę TVB Puch

INGREDIENTS: 250g ground almonds | 75g cocoa powder | 125g egg whites | 300g sugar | 10g vanilla sugar | 1g clove powder | 5g cinnamon powder

PREPARATION Dough: Beat the egg whites with the sugar and vanilla sugar until stiff | Mix the ground almonds with the cocoa powder and spices and fold in. | Cover the dough with cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for a day.

SHAPE THE BEAR BALLS: Roll small balls with your hands and roll them in a bowl of sugar. | Press the sugar balls into the mould or into flat discs and place on a baking tray with baking paper. | Bake at top and bottom heat at 180┬░ for around 9-10 min.

Baking tip: the biscuit must come away from the baking paper easily and should still be soft, then it is ready! If the bear paw still sticks to the cup, close the oven door again briefly! But you shouldn"t wait too long either, so that the biscuits don"t get too dry.

B├Ąrentatzen nach dem Backen ┬ę TVB Puch

When the bear paws have cooled down well, put them in an airtight tin and store them in a cool place. This way the biscuits will keep for at least 2-3 weeks, if they survive that long at all!

Sweet lovers are looking forward to Christmas!

And are you already ready for Christmas baking and looking forward to cutting out biscuits for hours on end? Or would you rather leave the biscuit baking to the professionals and get one of the popular Christmas biscuit boxes from Süsserei by Theresa Jahoda? If you prefer cakes or pies instead of biscuits. There is also a special Christmas cake this year, which you can pick up on 23.12 if you order early and sweeten your holidays.

The best thing to do is just drop by the S├╝sserei in Puch and let us spoil you! The selection of Salzburg pastries such as Malakoff cakes, Esterhazy slices, crumble cakes and the like is simply wonderful and there is sure to be something for everyone.

EVENT TIP: on Friday, 23 December 2022, there will be a punch stand in front of the S├╝sserei from 10.00 to 17.00 with Christmas treats by Theresa Jahoda!

Weihnachtskekse ┬ę Theresa Jahoda
What do you think - how many eggs, butter and whipped cream (cream) are used in the sweetshop every week?

The S├ťsserei in Puch uses about 1,000 eggs from free-range chickens from Annaberg, about 30 kg of butter and 50 litres of whipped cream every week! Did you think that? Write us in the comments!

Click here to visit Theresa Jahoda"s sweetshop in Puch near Salzburg.

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