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5 tips from Tanja Grallert for the "Pirate theme party"

by Barbara / 08. Februar 2024 / Event
Kinderfasching in Puch © TVB Puch

"Jutruchei Puchei" - Colorful carnival hustle and bustle in Salzburg's Tennengau region

"Jutruchei Puchei" - Colorful carnival hustle and bustle in Salzburg's Tennengau region Carnival in Salzburg is back in all its glory. It is that magical time of year when young and old dress up in colorful costumes and fill life with cheerfulness, loud music and fun games. In Puch near Salzburg, carnival is still alive and kicking, according to the local carnival cry "Juruchei Puchei", and everyone is sure to have a box of carnival costumes somewhere at home, from which you can quickly dress up for a party if necessary! Starting with the well-known Pucher Feuerwehrball am Faschingssamstag, it is not only the senior citizens and pensioners of Puch who celebrate their annual carnival parties, but also the elementary schools and kindergartens! But the little ones especially celebrate a big spectacle every year with the children's carnival on Shrove Sunday at the Kirchenwirt! I'll tell you what you can expect there this year!

Together with our children's party expert Tanja Grallert von Glücksmomente, I have also put together a few tips for the theme party to match this year's motto "Ahoy - come on board the pirate ship"! With Cleverly-Kinderevents, they have been ensuring the best atmosphere, fun and games on the dance floor for years.

Piratenparty-Kinderfasching in Puch © - Aleksandr Kichigin

But first - a cordial invitation to the fun ....

Children's carnival on Shrove Sunday at the Kirchenwirt

Every year on Shrove Sunday, costumed families, little pirates, princesses and superheroes flock to the Kirchenwirt to enjoy the festive hustle and bustle together. Puch is known for its warm atmosphere and the long-standing tradition of the children's carnival, which is always characterized by a cheerful community and a varied programme.

Kinderfasching in Puch © TVB Puch

A great program awaits you again this year:

Carnival parade with the Puch music band

The colorful hustle and bustle begins every year at 2 pm with a magical carnival parade, starting at the Kirchenwirt parking lot, where the Musikkapelle Puch provides the right atmosphere. The different costumes worn by the musicians are enough to make children's eyes light up. Especially when the baton is swapped for a toilet brush, hearty laughs are guaranteed. The band leads the procession into the festival hall, where the next item on the program awaits the carnival crowd.

Games and fun on the dance floor with Cleverly Events

The dance floor at the Kirchenwirt will be the scene of cheerful games and rousing music when Cleverly Events under the direction of Tanja Grallert Glücksmomente enriches the program. In addition to lots of dancing with the children, face painting and the popular children's mask catwalk, magic Zauberclown Tommi will enchant you with his tricks and jokes!

Take part & win: Once again this year, there will be 3 surprise prizes for the games on the dance floor! 2 vouchers from the Kirchenwirt and a skateboard from Tanja Grallert Glücksmomente.

Performance by the Salzburg Carnival Guild

A special highlight of the children's carnival is the appearance of the Salzburger Faschingsgilde, who will create a great atmosphere with the prince and princess and their court, the children's guard and the dancing mariechen. With colorful costumes and impressive performances, the members of the guild radiate pure carnival magic.  The non-profit association is on the road year after year on behalf of "Fasching" and to continue and present the tradition. From Carnival Thursday onwards, the carnival guild can be found at various locations in Salzburg, as well as on Shrove Tuesday for the burning of the princes at the Faschingskehraus in the Müllner Bräustübl.

Carnival doughnuts as a sweet finale

The festival comes to a sweet conclusion when Mayor Helmut Klose personally distributes free carnival doughnuts to the young visitors. A sweet finale that not only promises culinary delights, but also makes the children's hearts beat faster. A successful conclusion to an unforgettable day at the children's carnival in Puch.

5 tips for the carnival motto: Ahoy - come on board the pirate ship!

This year's motto for the Puch children's carnival is "Ahoy - come on board the pirate ship" and Tanja Grallert, an expert in children's parties, has a few creative tips to prepare the little buccaneers perfectly for the children's carnival on Carnival Sunday in Puch near Salzburg.

1. which costumes go with the Pirates & Co. theme?

In the world of buccaneers, there is a wealth of costume options to perfectly showcase the little explorers at the children's carnival in Puch near Salzburg. Classic pirate costumes with torn clothing and eye patches are just as popular as disguises as brave sailors, fearless captains, cheeky parrots, dangerous sharks or mysterious mermaids.

Creativity knows no bounds, and so some children could even present themselves as a self-built pirate ship, with mast and sails or perhaps as a telescope. The motto offers scope for imaginative interpretations that turn the children's carnival into a colorful spectacle.

Kinderfasching in Puch © - Sergey Novikov

2. which well-known characters are there for the theme?

In addition to creative costumes that you put together yourself, well-known characters from books or television are always very popular with children. For pirates, the cheerful Neverland Pirates from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", led by Jake, Izzy and Cubby, are ideal costume ideas. The fearsome Captain Hook from Peter Pan's adventures is also a classic character who, with his characteristic hook and style, fits in perfectly with this year's carnival theme. In addition, the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films with his unmistakable look and mischievous charm is a timeless favorite with all carnival jesters. Whether big or small!

For little Viking fans, costumes inspired by Wicky and the Strong Men could be an ideal choice. Alternatively, children can also slip into the roles of mythological figures from Norse mythology, such as Odin, Thor or Loki. These characterful disguises not only offer a creative option, but also bring a fascinating dimension to the world of the Vikings. And when it comes to mermaids, Ariel, from the Disney film of the same name, is probably the undisputed queen of the underwater world. With her red mane and fascinating story, Ariel is a timeless role model for little mermaids.

Kaptain Hook © - Wirestock

3. which accessories should not be missing at a pirate party?

No pirate adventure is complete without the right accessories. A telescope for the view from the ship, an eye patch for the mystical look, a homemade pirate hat for the right style and maybe even a dangerous-looking sabre - these accessories give every little buccaneer the necessary finishing touch. Add a rolled-up treasure map and a few gold chains from the last treasure on the belt and perhaps a compass in the hand and the look will be even more perfect! If you have a stuffed parrot at home, you can also tie or glue it to your shoulder. And if the child still has one hand free, the pirate flag can also be taken to the party. Dark, tousled wigs with longer hair can also be worn under the hat/scarf to match the pirate and a beard, perhaps even with a plait, makes the pirate look even more real. These details are a must at a pirate party and make the costume really authentic.

Kinderfasching in Puch © - Asarenkof

For the perfect Viking look, you need a few crucial elements that embody the Nordic wildness and thirst for adventure. An essential accessory is the helmet - ideally with imposing horns and a touch of fur for an authentic Viking aesthetic. Instead of the leather hat or scarf used by pirates, Vikings opt for robust leather elements such as a belt, bracelets or a cloak. An axe or sword, certainly made of childproof material, complete the warlike look and emphasize the Viking's explorer mentality. Painted tattoos and braided pigtails add the finishing touches, giving the Viking child a striking and bold look.

No matter which type of buccaneer they become, they all have one thing in common - the search for treasure! You can also hang old coins in a transparent bag on your belt or pack these chocolate coins and have something sweet with you.

4. what can you make yourself for the pirate carnival?

A real pirate not only shows courage, but also creativity. Here are some simple craft ideas to create your own pirate costume or accessories:

  • Pirate hat: Use black construction paper to make a classic pirate hat. Decorate it with white skulls, paper feathers or colored, especially red, ribbons for an individual touch.
  • Eye patch: Grab a piece of black or dark brown felt, leather or strong fabric, cut out an eye patch and attach it with an elastic band. Let the children decorate their eye patches with glitter, stickers or paint.
  • Treasure chest: Use an empty shoe box or a small cardboard box to make a treasure chest. Paint it with golden colors, add glitter and glue gemstones for a sparkling effect.
  • Treasure map: Draw or paint a mysterious treasure map on old paper. Color it with tea and char the edge with a little fire (over the sink) to create an antique look. The children can plan their own treasure hunt or use the map as an accessory. If you also hide a riddle behind it, the child will certainly not get bored.
  • Sabre or sword: Make a safe toy sword out of sturdy cardboard or foam. Let the children decorate it with bright colors or wrap it in aluminum foil for a shiny effect.
  • Pirate flag: Create your own pirate flag from scraps of fabric or paper. Let the children paint or glue skulls, a pirate ship, crossed bones or other pirate symbols on it.

Making these accessories is not only fun, but also adds a personal touch to the pirate fancy dress party. The children can proudly wear their homemade creations and bring their artistic side to the maritime world.

Kinderfasching in Puch - Schatzkarte basteln © - Migfoto

5. how do you put on the right make-up for the theme - Pirates & Co?

The right make-up adds the finishing touch to the unmistakable pirate look. With water-soluble paints, little buccaneers can transform themselves into fearsome pirates. Here are some helpful make-up tips from Tanja Grallert:

  • Beard stubble: Use a sponge or a fine brush to simulate beard stubble with grey or brown paint. These give the face a striking pirate character.
  • Mysterious scars: Use black or brown paint to make up mysterious scars. Create small tears or cuts to intensify the pirate look.
  • Authentic eye patch look: Emphasize the eye patch with black paint and add shadows to create a realistic effect. This gives the face an extra touch of pirate mystique.
  • Waterproof pirate tattoos: Use waterproof pens to draw pirate tattoos such as anchors, steering wheels or treasure maps on the arms or hands. These will stand up to the fun and games, even when little pirates set sail.
  • Dramatic eyes with smokey eyes: Emphasize the eyes with smoky black or dark brown to create a dramatic smokey eye effect. This gives the look a mysterious depth. The lips are also often painted black.
  • Pirate gold dust: Dab golden glitter particles onto the cheeks or forehead with a fine brush. This adds a shimmering touch of pirate gold dust to the face and makes it glow.

Kinderfasching in Puch © - Maria Sbytova

Let's celebrate carnival in Salzburg's Tennengau region!

The children's carnival in Puch near Salzburg promises an unforgettable adventure for little pirates, princesses and adventurers. With homemade pirate hats, sparkling treasure chests and artistically made-up faces, the little sailors can embark on a maritime voyage.

IMPORTANT: of course, all masks and costumes are welcome at the children's carnival in Puch! This year's motto "Ahoy - come on board the pirate ship" is not intended to be restrictive, but to serve as an inspirational guideline. Of course, every child can give free rein to their creativity and slip into the role that gives them the most pleasure. We look forward to seeing your creative disguises!

We from the Puch Tourist Board provide the annual colorful program. Tanja Grallert has been on board for years and ensures the best atmosphere at the festival with her team. With the right expertise and creativity, they are largely responsible for the success of the children's carnival in Puch. This year we will experience a magical time on the high seas!

Kinderfasching Puch Kirchenwirt

Off to the children's carnival in Puch at the Kirchenwirt

Let's dive into the world of pirates together, set sail and look forward to the children's carnival on Carnival Sunday at the Kirchenwirt! The Puch music band, magician Tommi and the Salzburg Citizens' Guard will provide a varied program. Mayor Helmut Klose will once again personally distribute the popular free carnival doughnuts, and the atmosphere of moments of happiness will characterize the afternoon.

My tip for you: Enjoy lunch together at the Kirchenwirt before the party. The children will need the energy for the colorful afternoon and you have the opportunity to dress up or put on make-up beforehand without having to cook yourself ;-)

I am already looking forward to the great program and the great pictures and videos that I will take of your creative costumes at the children's carnival and that you can view directly on Instagram under @visitpuch. Well then, I can only say "Ahoy" - see you at the children's carnival in Puch near Salzburg - this year, on Sunday, February 11, 2024 with the start at 2 pm with the small carnival parade of the Puch music band!

Jutruchei Puchei - it's all over again on Ash Wednesday!

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